Friday, February 22, 2008

Contest Entries

On Feb 19th, I sent an entry in to The Big Finish 2 contest over on the eharlequin wesbsite. It was a story prompt contest which means they start the short story and you finish it. My portion was to be between 2500 and 3000 words. Mine came out to about 2880 so I'm okay with that.

Love Inspired author Cheryl Wyatt also has story starter contests. Hers are every month. If you go to her blog: Squirrel's Treehouse at go to her Blog Archive on the bottom right and click on: February Prompt Contest. She gives you 10 words that you have to incorporate into your scene as well as 1 scene starter sentence. I entered her January one but didn't win. I guess I'd better get busy on Feb's since we have such a short month this time around, eh?

I've also sent in 2 contest entries this past week. One was for Charley's Saint, a contemporary inspirational romance and the other for An Outlaw for the Lady which is a historical romance. Both required the first 15 pages of the manuscript with an optional synopsis. I didn't send in a synopsis with either one.

Usually at this time I'd be entering the writer's challenge on the eharlequin website as well, but I was lucky enough to win it the last time around (every 2 weeks) so I get to judge this time. Oooh - I'd better head on over to website and check on the writing challenge board for the entries. I'll have until Sunday to pick a winner so that gives me time to do a good job on judging them. Since I picked the challenge scenario this time around, I'm anxious to see what they came up with.

Okay, so that's 3 contests entered, 1 challenge to judge and 1 prompt contest to write. Better get busy...

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