Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Won March's Prompt Contest!

I am so excited!

Every month, Love Inspired author Cheryl Wyatt aka Squirrel, sponsors a prompt contest on her blog at http://scrollsquirrel.blogspot.com/ and for the past 3 months, I sent in my entry. And waited.

And I won for March!

So, what's a Prompt contest? Well, Cheryl wants to encourage other writers so she helps us get our stories started. That's why sometimes I refer to it as a 'story starter' contest. Although story might be a misnomer because it only has to be a scene in a story and not a short story per se.

At the beginning of each month, Cheryl will post an entry on her blog listing 10 words that must be used in your story. She'll also list 3 'prompt' lines. You have to pick 1 of these lines to start your story.

For this month, Cheryl has posted the following words and prompts:

April Prompt Words
1. sill
2. seal
4. Navy
5. train
6. base
7. bass
8. basket
9. story
10. storey

April Scene Starter Sentences:
“That’s the worst excuse for a pushup I’ve ever seen.”
“Whadda ya mean you can’t breathe?”
“We’ve got a situation.”

Can you write a scene without going over 500 words (computer count) using the words and a line from above? Try it and then email it to Cheryl. You might even win!

Go to Cheryl's blog for more info.


  1. wooo hooo!
    way to go Anita! that is too cool. i'd love to read your entry. i'm actually contemplating entering the April prompt contest - not that i know much about Navy seals and such but i think i can figure out somehting.

    yay!!!!!!!!! *happy dance for u*

  2. Hey thanks.
    I hope you do enter. It sure helps hone your writing to not waste words. I find that since I started entering Cheryl's prompt contest, I have an easier time writing for the challenge. I mean we have double the words to play with there!
    Actually, I'm wondering if I can continue on with the prompt entry I sent in last month. Cheryl said she'd like me to extend it...I just don't think she meant this month! :-)


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