Thursday, May 15, 2008

Book Review: All Our Tomorrows

All Our Tomorrows by Irene Hannon Love Inspired #357 - Jul 06

I love reading books where one person loves another from afar but they put their feelings aside for the good of the other. This was the case in All Our Tomorrows.

Two years ago, reporter Caroline James and her fiancé were on assignment in the Middle East when a suicide bomber attacked and Caroline had to go on with her life...alone. Devastated, she returned home to St. Louis, to recuperate in her mother's arms.

Caroline thinks she's moved on until one day, her mother happens to mention the name of David Sloan, brother of her slain fiancé. Caroline goes into shock. The last 2 years are swept away in a tidal wave of grief. And guilt.

David's had feelings for Caroline since the first time he saw her walk into his mother's house on his brother's arm but he hid his emotions under a cloak of guilt even after his brother died. Was it God's plan that brought Caroline into his life once again?

I loved watching Caroline fall in love with steadfast David. It was like watching a flower slowly open in the morning sun. Although Caroline thought she'd never love again, she blossomed in the rays of David's love.

Heat Level: Affectionate (kissing and hand holding but nothing more)

My Rating: Very Good - 4 stars (excellent one time read)

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