Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chicken Pox & Tick Bites

My youngest son had the misfortune to catch the chicken pox so he's been at home all week. We weren't sure what it was at first because we only saw a couple red spots on his face. He has a milk allergy and we've been testing his limits this week so an allergic reaction was one possibility. The other possibility was a reaction to the tick bite he received the day previous. He'd been sitting in class and yanked the sucker off his neck. He said he'd got it all, but the spot seemed tender when I touched it.

By Sat night, he had a bunch of small blisters on his scalp and under his arms. We were concerned enough to call the HealthLine nbr we keep on the fridge. An RN told us to keep an eye on it and call back if anything changed.

More blistered spots were showing up on Sunday (Mother's Day) so I stayed home with him because it was our teen daughter's turn to lead worship music at church and her dad accompanies her on his guitar. So I stayed home with the little guy.

Around 8 pm though, he came to me because his eyeball was itchy. Yup, you guessed looked like he had a spot on the inside corner of his eye. Not only that, but the tick bite on the back of his head was over 1/2" wide and an angry red. I called the HealthLine again, told the RN the symtoms and she gave us a 4 hr window to get him to a doctor. That means a trip to the emergency room.

Since we're in the country, it took us over an hour just to drive to the city. Then they had my son wait in the van with his father because they guessed he had chicken pox and they didn't want him to contaminate anyone other small kids or people with immune deficiencies in the waiting room. When they had a room ready, I went to the van to get him and they whisked us down an empty hall and put us in a room with a sign on the door that told everyone to take protective measures. So, both the RN and the Dr came in masked and gloved.

By 1:30 am we were out of there with a prescription for anti-biotics to treat his infected tick bite area and a confirmation that he did indeed have chicken pox. But, just to make sure, they cut into one of the tiniest blisters and took a sample to send to the lab. Because the spot was in the corner of his eye and wasn't impeding his vision, the Dr said it would be okay for the time being.

Thank the Lord for an open Shopper's Drug Mart with pharmasist at 2 am followed by a trip to 7 Eleven for coffee.

So, I've had a little monkey to entertain this week. He's doing fine but he's bored at home without the other 2 kids. It's looking like he'll be able to go back to school next Monday though.

That's good, because I can't get any critiquing or writing done with the little guy around.

My line-up is:
1 wip to critique from one of my critique partners
1 - 1000 word scene to write for the writer's challenge on
1 - 500 word scene to write for Cheryl Wyatt's Prompt Contest
and I need to work on Book 2 of my Prairie Junction series


  1. *hugs* to you and your little guy.
    i hope you get your time for writing. looking forward to seeing the next installment for the writing challenge :)


  2. Hugs on your little boy, Anita. He must be miserable.

    Thank you for entering my prompt contests.

    Hope you find some time to write while you're also spending a little extra TLC time with your son.

    I have two words for ya....

    Video games. LOL!



  3. Deb & Cheryl - thanks for the hugs. He's a clingy kinda guy and really appreciated them. He's eager to get back to school on Tues. (Victoria Day here in Canada on Monday.)

    I did manage to enter the writer's challenge on eharl this week but that was it.

    Prompt contest entry next...


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