Monday, May 19, 2008

Make Someone's Day!

Yeah, yeah...I know I said I wouldn’t do any writing or anything while the kids were around but they’re hiding in their room supposedly cleaning it.

So I figured I’d sneak in some of what Harlequin Romance author Donna Alward calls ‘housekeeping’ of my own. Things like replying to emails, updating blog posts – you know – office work.

This is how I usually spend Monday morning anyway but with the kids home due to the Victoria Day holiday, I was going to do my ‘housekeeping’ tomorrow.

So, they disappeared in their room and here I am.

When I fired up my laptop, I was pleasantly surprised to receive email from a couple authors. Now you might not think that’s anything special, but for an unpubbed writer like me to receive a personal email from a published author is a big thing. Especially when it’s someone who really liked something I wrote.

What am I talking about? Leaving comments on blog posts! I am starting to have a list of writer/agent/editor blogs that I check every morning. These blogs offer hints, tips, and contests for writers. With prizes like free critiques or autographed books.

The fun part is when I receive email from the comments I’ve left.

It’s almost as good as when I receive an email that says someone (like Deb or Cheryl) has left a comment on my blog. That alone makes my day!

So, what I’d like to say is that if you happen upon a blog that you really like, leave a comment. You’d be amazed at how a simple ‘Thinking of You’ comment can cheer someone up or even make their day.

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