Friday, June 27, 2008

Book Review: Abbie's Outlaw

Abbie's Outlaw by Victoria Bylin - Harlequin Historical #750 - Apr 05

I cried buckets reading this book. A strong woman. A flawed hero. Wills that clash. Love that endures. Wow!

You want to know what the scariest part of this book is? How does Vicki know this stuff? How did she research for it? I cried enough reading the book without knowing what I'd do if I found out there's even a grain of personal experience involved. And no, I can't tell you what I'm talking about, but I'll give you a hint:

John Leaf is what we like to call a ‘bad boy'. He took Abbie's innocence, gave her a child and walked away without a backward glance to continue his bad boy ways.

Suffice to say that young Abbie Windsor did what she had to do to survive. Her main concern was for her daughter to have a decent life regardless of any personal sacrifice Abbie had to endure.

Now, 15 yrs later, Abbie and her daughter are back in John's life. Only, he's not a ‘bad boy' any longer. Now, he's the esteemed Reverend John Leaf with his own church. His congregation knows the awful deeds he committed before he was redeemed. But they also believe in God's grace.

The only thing is, John didn't know he had a daughter until she comes looking for him. She needs a father. But if John claims her as his own, will he be helping her or putting her in danger? He might be a minister now, but there's always someone who refuses to believe a person can change. Someone bent on revenge.

And how is John to deal with Abbie who now freezes on contact with his touch? Who put the fear in her eyes? The panic? And why does she seem destitute when she'd been married to a congressman?


Heat level: Yummy (but some people might find some scenes disturbing)

My Rating: Excellent - 5 stars (one to re-read; definitely a keeper even if it's only to remind ourselves of the blessings in our lives)


100,000 book Challenge:

Total books Read: 69 Harlequin Imprint: 65 Others: 4


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