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Book Review: Giving Thanks for Baby

Giving Thanks For Baby by Terri Reed (A Tiny Blessings Tale) Nov 07 - LI # 420

This book was a fascinating look at a pastor and a member of his congregation. I mean, there's no law that says a Pastor can't date a member of his own flock, but what happens when the member happens to be a recent divorcee and her husband wants her back? Suddenly, the pastor is caught in a conflict of interest. How can he come between a man and his wife, ex or otherwise?

Lawyer Trista Van Zandt has recently moved to Chestnut Grove, VA to be close to her brother and his family. A divorcee with an infant, she's struggling to overcome her failed marriage. Lonely, she joins an on-line chat group for singles and starts looking forward to emails from a ‘chat buddy'.

Assistant Pastor Scott Crosby keeps himself busy with volunteer work with the church and the youth centre. It's not that he doesn't want to go looking for a wife, he just doesn't have the time to find the right one. It takes a special woman to be a pastor's wife - Scott knows b/c he was in a relationship once with someone who could't cut it - and didn't want him to either. So, Scott stays busy.

But then he meets Trista and his hopes stir. Their dates are just 2 friends going out for coffee - regardless of how they really feel toward each other. He's also joined an on-line chat group and there's this lady who is searching for God. Scott has lots to keep his mind off Trista and her why isn't it working?

Now, if there was one negative thing about the book it's the question of Scott's eyes. I realize that authors are busy and are stressed especially when working with edits on a deadline, but in another of my book reviews, I commented on a book where the hero's eye color kept changing, so it's only fair that I do the same here:

So what color really are Scott's eyes?

- Pg 47 Line 2: "His blond, green-eyed good looks aside..."
- Pg 84 Line 7: "She met his gaze, noting the darker blue ring around the lighter blue irises."
- Pg 87 Para 5: "She held his warm brown gaze, seeing the tenderness of his soul."
- Pg 202 Line 3: "His blue eyes stared at her intently."

I guess I'm an eye girl. I notice eye color and when it's off, it stops my reading and I go back and check. Well, I guess it would be the same for hair color, length, etc. But even with this, I still enjoyed this book.

This book is part of the ‘Tiny Blessings' series. It is a stand-alone book but like the rest of the series, a thread runs through it that links the series together. The theme of the Tiny Blessings series, is: Loving families and needy children continue to come together to fulfill God's greatest plans!


Heat Level: Affectionate (kissing and hand holding but nothing more)

My Rating: Very Good - 4 stars (excellent one time read)


Look here for the complete list of 'Tiny Blessings' books.

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