Monday, June 9, 2008

Book Review: Her Kind of Cowboy

This review was originally posted to my book review blog on the eharlequin site. I wasn't going to post this here because I didn't want to embarrass the author but I have 'heard' other authors wondering if they're the only ones making a mistake. The answer is NO and the proof is here:

Her Kind of Cowboy by Pat Warren Silhouette Special Edition 1638 - Sep 04

Except for the screw-up listed below, this book drew me in and kept me there! It's the story of first love and what should have been. Only it didn't happen that way. Jesse Calder's final words to 19 yr old Abby was that he'd be back. But due to a horrific accident, he couldn't keep his promise right away. And when he was finally able to contact her, he was told to stay away - that she'd married someone else. But 7 yrs later, unrecognizable due to the accident, he's back.

And this time, he not only falls for Abby again, but for her daughter as well who just happens to have familiar blue eyes.

I have to point out that somehow, Abby's eyes kept changing from green to blue. If you don't believe me, find a copy of the book and check this out:

Pg 12 - "...and huge green eyes."
Pg 46 - "Her incredible green eyes..."
Pg 49 - "Her eyes were that incredible cornflower blue..."
Pg 71 - "She'd probably gotten her blue eyes from Vern." (describing Abby's daughter)
Pg 75 - "In her beautiful green eyes..."
Pg 107 - "My blue-eyed golden girl."
Pg 108 - "Your eyes are the best part, so big and blue..."
Pg 128 - "...gorgeous eyes turn a deeper blue."
Pg 192 - "...and a green shirt that matched her eyes."
Pg 163 - "He studied her beautiful green eyes..."
Pg 199 - "An emerald to match her eyes..."

Heat level: Yummy

My Rating: Very Good - 4 stars (excellent one time read)

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