Monday, June 2, 2008

Book Review: Hideaway Home

Hideaway Home by Hannah Alexander - Love Inspired Historical #3 - Mar 08

I don't often read books that are set in the 1940's but I enjoyed this one. The love story is poignant but the historical details really brought this story to life. If there was a Steeple Hill line for Historical Suspense, this would fall in that category. It's the story of 2 Americans who happen to have German lineage - not a good thing in your background when your country is fighting the Nazi's.

It seems like Bertie Moennig has loved Red her whole life even though they didn't have their 1st date until just weeks before he was shipped off to fight the Nazi's in Europe. Undeterred, she writes him letters believing in her heart that he is the only man for her. When the need arises for machinists, she learns a trade and heads out to California to work in the aircraft industry until Red comes home.

Bertie's letters had kept Red Meyers sane in an insane war. He kept them in his shirt pocket and it was habitual for him to check often to ensure they were there. In plain terms, they were his security blanket. Although he'd never exchanged words of love with Bertie, the letters were filled with their hopes and dreams.

And those dreams didn't include him coming home lame. Believing that Bertie would be better off with a ‘whole' man, Red heads home without telling her of his injury. He happens to arrive the day after Bertie's dad is murdered. Clues lead to the possibility that the motive was his German heritage. When Bertie makes plans to return for her father's funeral, Red tries to deter her for her own good but she comes home anyway and gets the shock of her life.

What makes this book extra special is that it's the forerunner of the Love Inspired Hideaway series where you find Red and Bertie enjoying their twilight years together.

Heat Level: Affectionate (kissing and hand holding but nothing more)

My Rating: Very Good - 4 stars (excellent one time read)

100,000 book Challenge:

Total books Read: 60 Harlequin Imprint: 56 Others: 4

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