Thursday, June 19, 2008

Book Review: Little Miss Matchmaker

Little Miss Matchmaker by Dana Corbit (A Tiny Blessings Tale) Oct 07 - LI # 416

I really liked this book, particularly the part where the heroine's dad chases all her boyfriends away. I mean if they can't take it, they have no right to date her, right?

Dinah Fraser is a PK - that's Preacher's Kid. As a teen, she did what most PK's do and rebelled, but she's older now with a respectable teaching job. Never mind the fact that she lives at home and her dad is still checking out her boyfriends - that is when anyone dares to ask her out - she's a teacher and she takes her job to heart. She feels for the little girl in her class who's mother is away facing chemo treatments. In an attempt to help her, she calls in her student's guardian and life isn't the same after that.

Alex Donovan is not just the hero of the story, he's a real life hero - a firefighter - and he takes his job seriously. With his cousin away facing cancer treatment and her husband in Iraq, Alex becomes guardian to their 2 children, loosely referred to as his niece and nephew. He's trying to juggle his work with their school and his nieces's playtime and his nephew who's a teen, and he's doing a pretty decent job. Until his niece gets the idea that Uncle Alex is lonely and wouldn't it be nice if he dated her teacher?

As for Alex, he's never seen a PK with curves like Dinah's or an attitude to match. He's drawn to her in more ways than the obvious but his life is on hold - not only b/c of the kids, but also b/c he's just found out that he was adopted. He doesn't want to dishonour the people he considers his parents and go looking for his biological ones, but he feels like he doesn't know who he is anymore.

As part of the ‘Tiny Blessings' series, this story delves into the emotions of adoptions - in this case from the viewpoint of the adoptee. It is a stand-alone book but like the rest of the series, a thread runs through it that links the series together. The theme of the Tiny Blessings series, is: Loving families and needy children continue to come together to fulfill God's greatest plans!

Heat Level: Affectionate (kissing and hand holding but nothing more)

My Rating: Very Good - 4 stars (excellent one time read)


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  1. hmmm, this sounds like a book for me to check out. i was adopted and found my birth parents. my man is also adopted, but won't seek his birth parents out of respect for his parents. plus, i think he's afraid to find out why he was given up.
    it would be interesting to read how an author wrote about it and if said author was adopted as well.


  2. Hey Deb,

    The whole 'Tiny Blessings' series is a wonderful story that really gets into those reasons as to why someone can give up a piece of themselves. And it tackles the emotions of how someone could do such a thing.

    I haven't got all the books in the series, but if you want, I'll send you the ones I do have. I'd rather give them to someone who can relate to them rather than having them sitting in my 'keep' pile.

    Send me an email. :-)


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