Sunday, June 15, 2008

Book review: A Mommy in Mind

A Mommy in Mind by Arlene James (A Tiny Blessings Tale) LI #412 - Sep 07

This was a 3 tissue book for me. Remember the story of King Solomon when he had to decide who was the real mother? Well, this book is reminiscent of that story.

Three months after accepting a newborn to foster parent, Lucia has fallen in love with the child and is in the process of adoption. Unfortunately, the child's biological mother wants her baby back. Lucia is torn between her love for the child and the knowledge that the infant's mother regrets her decision.

Ramon Estes is the lawyer hired by the biological mother to fight for her maternal rights. In fact, he jumped at the chance knowing that the mother was an illegal alien. There is no doubt in his mind that the baby belongs with it's mother. Until he meets Lucia and sees her with the baby. He can't deny that she's a wonderful mother and there is no question as to the care she's given the infant. But Ramon starts to develop feelings for Lucia. How can he represent one mother while wanting to kiss the other? Talk about a conflict of interest.

This book made me cry. It was wonderful!

This is the 8th book about the Tiny Blessings Adoption Agency set in Chestnut Grove, Virginia. The theme of the Tiny Blessings series, is: Loving families and needy children continue to come together to fulfill God's greatest plans!

Heat Level: Affectionate (kissing and hand holding but nothing more)

My Rating: Very Good - 4 stars (excellent one time read)


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