Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Writing Fun on the Net

Other than working on my wip, I’ve been writing book reviews for here and my eharl blog (4 books behind at the moment). I’ve also been checking out some other writer blogs and having fun:

June 10th - I entered a 100 word writing contest using a photo prompt on Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner's blog. The 121 entries (mine included) were added as comments to her blog here:

June 9th – Donna MacMeans was blogging at
For my ‘creative description’ of a superpower (if I had one), I won a copy of Donna’s book, The Education of Mrs. Brimley.

June 4th – Cheryl Wyatt emailed about my entry to her May Prompt Contest. She said, ‘I LOVED this entry. While it didn't win this time...I hope you will finish their story. I truly felt the emotion in the opening with the boy and loved the attraction between your heroine and Gallagher’ (the hero). So, I didn’t win, but it was encouraging enough to try another one. Go here to see Cheryl’s June Prompt Contest:

May 31st – Judy Duarte was blogging at
For participating and commenting, I won an autographed book from Judy’s backlist. Since I’m trying to complete the Montana Mavericks Gold Rush Grooms series, I chose her book Their Unexpected Family.

May 31st – I posted my entry for the eharlequin writer’s challenge. We needed to create both protags as alpha characters this time around, so I’d made my heroine as a pirate queen. My 1,000 word historical entry was entitled Cunning Callie of the Calista Queen and I won 1st place. My prize was to create the criteria for the next challenge, to be posted June 5 or 6th. I’ve chosen this:

Criteria: A hero and a heroine, a pkg 'To Be Delivered only To:(fill in blank)' 1000 words or less
The setting: A courier has instructions to deliver a package. When the courier gets to the house, the front door is partially open. The courier rings the bell and when no one answers, the courier calls out the name of the person listed on the package. The courier hears a pop and a zing and realizes someone has taken a shot at him/her. Your story starts here.
Challengers: The courier must be either the hero or heroine with the name on the package being the other person.
The house can be any type of dwelling.
The shot can come from any direction

If you’re interested in attempting this writing challenge, go here:

If you’re not a member of the eharl community, it’s a simple matter to register and then you’re on your way. This is an effective way to find out if you are a writer or just a wannabe. Remember, if you can’t put your work out there for us, your peers, how can you get the courage to submit it to an editor/agent?



  1. you've been busy and had a nice month for winning stuff. most of the places you went, i did too, but more lurking than you. i did enter the 100 word story contest though.

    i'd love to see your may prompt that Cheryl liked. i'm hoping i did justice to the great challenge you came up with for the eHarl site. it's ready and waiting to post. most of my activity stems from what you've posted here. thanks!


  2. Hey Deb, glad to 'hear' you're entering the challenge this time around. I was afraid I scared everyone off b/c they didn't like the genre.

    Good luck with Rachelle's 100 word story contest. I was one of the last ones to post and didn't read the rest in case they influenced me. B/c I knew there'd be a lot of entries, instead of normal, I went for memorable. :-D

    Check your email later on today. :-)


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