Thursday, June 19, 2008

'Tiny Blessings' Books

Here are all the books in the 'A Tiny Blessings Tale 'series:

#1 - Jul 05 - For the Twin's Sake by Jillian Hart LI #308
#2 - Aug 05 - Brought Together by Baby by Carolyne Aarsen LI #312
#3 - Sep 05 - On The Doorstep by Dana Corbin LI #316
#4 - Oct 05 - The Cinderella Plan by Margaret Daley LI #320
#5 - Nov 05 - Her Christmas Wish by Kathryn Springer LI #324
#6 - Dec 05 - Past Secrets, Present Love by Lois Richer LI #328
#7 - Jul 07 - For Her Son's Love by Kathryn Springer LI #404
#8 - Aug 07 - Missionary Daddy by Linda Goodnight LI #408
#9 - Sep 07 - A Mommy in Mind by Arlene James LI #412
#10 - Oct 07 - Little Miss Matchmaker by Dana Corbit LI #416
#11 - Nov 07 - Giving Thanks for Baby by Terri Reed LI #420
#12 - Dec 07 - A Holiday to Remember by Jillian Hart LI #424


  1. isn't it after the cinderella plan its her christmas wish by Kathryn springer

  2. You're absolutely right, Cassie!

    Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. I've added it to the post.

    You know, I'm looking at the cover of Her Christmas Wish on amazon and I don't remember reading it which is probably why I missed it. I didn't start reading Love Inspired books until 2007 and then had to hunt and search to complete the series. Or at least I thought I'd completed it. :(

    Thanks again.


  3. Thanks for posting this list! I couldn't find it on the Love Inspired website.


  4. Where does Family Ever After by Linda Goodnight go?

  5. Well, Anonymous, I don't know. It seems to be an extra of some sort. I'll ask Linda herself and get back to you.

    Anita Mae.

  6. Hey Anonymous... In my email to Linda, I asked where she kept her book list because we were looking for info on "Family Ever After".

    Linda just got back to me and said:
    My website has a list of all my books, but nothing that indicates series. "Family Ever After" was written as a promo novella for the Tiny Blessings Tales. It can fit anywhere, I suppose, but probably best at the end of the series.

    She went on to say, You bring up a good point though about listing the books according to type and series. The next time I have my web designer do an update, I will look into rearranging accordingly.

    So there you go ... because of your comment, confusion will be clearer for more readers. Great job!

    And thanks for bringing it to my attention because I wasn't even aware of this special book. I think I'll go add it to the post...

    Anita Mae.

  7. Thank you for posting this because I read them out of order this time i read it i want it to be in order because it probably makes the story a lot better

  8. There are hints in the first series that Andrew Noble may have something to hide. I didn't find anything to clear up whether he is a Good Guy or a Bad Guy. Is there some book that tells us his story?


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