Saturday, July 12, 2008

Book Review: A Dream to Share

A Dream to Share by Irene Hannon (Heartland Homecoming) Love Inspired 431 - Feb 08

Mark Campbell is a playboy. I didn't like him much. Until his father sends him to a small Missouri town that rolls up its sidewalks at 6 pm. Mark can either find something useful or useless to do with his time. Thankfully, he chooses the former and I start to like him as a hero. And then we find out why he is the way he is.

Abby Warner is the workaholic editor of a small town newspaper that Mark's father is looking to acquire. Mark is told to take 3 months doing a financial and operational audit of the newspaper. Shouldn't be too bad with a pretty lady like Abby to spend time with at the end of the day. Except Abby keeps her door closed and avoids Mark like the plague.


Heat Level: Affectionate (kissing and hand holding but nothing more)

My Rating: Very Good - 4 stars (excellent one time read)


Books in the Heartland Homecoming series:

1 - Nov 07 - From This Day Forward LI 419

2 - Feb 08 - A Dream to Share LI 431

3 - May 08 - Where Love Abides LI 443


Harlequin 100,000 Book Challenge

Total books Read: 73 Harlequin Imprint: 69 Others: 4


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