Sunday, August 31, 2008

BIAWeekend Saturday Report

One of my deadlines this month was to enter LI author Cheryl Wyatt's Aug Prompt contest. I've entered every month this year and didn't want to skip. Esp'ly since I'd already started it. So I worked on it until I'd honed it down to 310 words. But it was still 10 words over. With the deadline a day away, I set it aside.

I opened OUTLAW but shortly hit a wall. Usually, I write the POV from the H & h only, but this time I started considering a 3rd. In the wip, the h is kidnapped but leaves clues for her Pa to follow. So, when I hit the wall, I decided to switch to her Pa's POV. It worked. I added 4 scenes to add anticipation where the reader would now know that her freedom was possible but just out of reach. By the time my 3rd POV caught up to my 'wall', the story flowed once more.

Interruptions in my day included:
- an hr phone call from my dd in BC whom hasn't called in ages
- a neighbor and his wife dropping by to pick up our oats from the bin. She brought fresh corn on the cob for our supper.

I was in the RV off and on from 9 am til 7 pm when I just couldn't sit there any more. It was a hot day for a change but in the shade of the apple trees with a nice breeze, the RV was quite acceptable. Mind, I'm still trying to get used to all the scurrying - bird hopping on the roof.

Total words for today: 6004

Pages written today: 29

Total percentage complete: 51%


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  1. I'm proud of you! And thank you for mentioning my blog.



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