Sunday, August 17, 2008

Book Review: Mountain Sanctuary

Mountain Sanctuary by Lenora Worth Love Inspired 437 - Mar 08

I loved the opening of this book but it went against the grain. I've been working on improving my writing skills and one of the things I've learned is that you should always start with the heroines point of view (POV) and that you she should be in a pro-active vice re-active position.

Well, with over 30 books to her credit, Lenora started this book with the hero's POV and he finds the heroine, Stella sitting there, bawling her eyes out. She's definitely re-acting to her circumstances. This proves that with writing, you have to follow your own instinct and not always rely on a pre-determined formula.

So why was the heroine in this situation? Stella hadn't planned on being a single mother with an ailing father and a bed and breakfast to take care of, but that's where she ended up. The morning Adam walked into her life, she couldn't even bake a decent batch of muffins and it seemed like the last straw.

On a sabbatical from his job as a cop, all Adam Callahan wanted was to rest while hiding out from the world. That is until he heard Stella's cries and offered to take over the baking and cooking for the inn. You see, Adam is a nurturer and it was only natural for him to offer. It was the same reason he started playing handyman around the place -yes, he had time on his hands and wanted to stay busy, but he liked helping Stella and her little family.

But, they both know that Adam is there for only a short time and then he goes back to his family and his job in the city.

Heat Level: Affectionate (kissing and hand holding but nothing more)

My Rating: Very Good - 4 stars

2008 Harlequin 100,000 Book Challenge:

Total books Read: 82 Harlequin Imprint: 78 Others: 4


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