Friday, August 22, 2008

I won Cheryl’s July Prompt Contest!


Love Inspired author, Cheryl Wyatt, runs a contest on her blog every month. When I first saw Cheryl’s July word list and prompt lines, I knew the theme was a crime scene. But, I don’t write suspense.

As usual, I copied the prompt list to a word doc and filed it way. And, as usual, every few days, I’d open the doc and look at the list.

Slowly, the words merged into a crime story.

But...I write tender romances filled with faith and forgiveness. I don’t write horrendous, frightening, gory stories.

Cheryl’s prompt contest, though, is a challenge. I thrive on challenge. For 2 weeks I thought about Cheryl’s list.

Slowly, during the last week of July, I started writing the most horrendous, frightening, gory story my imaginative mind could dream up. For 5 days I worked on it, tweaking it, until I’d wrung every word I could out of the 500 word limit.

Finally I submitted it, assured that no one else but Cheryl would see it, because with her contests, you email your entry for her eyes only.

A few days ago, Cheryl emailed me. I’d won.


Yup. She even critiqued it which in itself is invaluable to me.

And, she suggested I turn it into a short story or a novel.


And do you know what else? was actually an exhilarating experience.

So, what do I have to say now? Yes, I still write tender inspirational romances...

...but maybe I’ll try a riveting suspense, too.


If anyone is interested, you have until August 31st to enter Cheryl’s August prompt contest.

For the word list and prompt lines, click here:

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