Friday, August 1, 2008

July Stats

Here’s what I’ve been busy doing in July:

Contests entered:

Indiana Golden Opportunity:
Marry Me, Ma’am? – Contemporary Series
An Outlaw for the Lady – Historical

FTHRW Golden Gateway:
Charley’s Saint – Long Contemporary
An Outlaw for the Lady – Historical

Cheryl Wyatt Prompt Contest for July: Patriotic Passion – using 10 crime scene words. If you’d like to check out the words for Cheryl’s August prompt contest, click here:

eharlequin Writer’s Challenge: Kid in a Gravel Pit – Tied 1st
We’ve started another challenge with the theme – 25th Wedding Anniversary – how did they meet? The date to post your 1000 word entry is Aug 7-8th. For more infor, click here

If you’re not a member of the eharl community, it’s a simple matter to register and then you’re on your way. This is an effective way to find out if you are a writer or just a wannabe. Remember, if you can’t put your work out there for us, your peers, how can you get the courage to submit it to an editor/agent?


I’ve been working on ‘When You Least Expect It’, book 2 in the Prairie Junction series. I have the widget on the top right hand column to show my progress.

I also have to finish An Outlaw for the Lady by the Sept ACFW conference in Minneapolis – that’s what the countdown widget is for in the upper right hand column.

Prizes Won:

Again, I haven’t won any for my writing, but I have won books for leaving comments on other writers/authors blogs: I won a copy of A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman I won a copy of Destination: Marriage by Jill Marie Landis I won a copy of Not Without Her Family by Beth Matthews

Books read/reviewed for the Harlequin 100,000 book challenge:

July - 9
2008 - 78 Total

Now you know what I've been up to...what have you been doing?


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