Monday, September 1, 2008

BIAWeekend Sunday Report

I skipped church today.

I hadn't wanted to esp'ly since it was a special service with 4 members of our small church being baptized - and I report everything for the 'newsfromthepews' blog - but I told my dh that I'd made a commitment here and then the pastor picked the 31st for the service. He mainly picked today b/c he wanted it done before cold weather set in since we do it outside.

So, dh took the boys along with the camcorder, my digital camera and my voice recorder so at least I'll still be able to do the church blog when this weekend's over.

But do you know what? My boys finally decided to take the plunge - yes, they got baptized without me being there. Mind, it's all on video tape. I know it's not the same, but...actually, I was 7 mos pregnant with my youngest when I got baptized so I guess I was there with him when he first took the plunge. or I guess, he was actually with me. LOL

And then it ended up cold and raining most of the day. Temp at noon was 15c/60F but the baptism was in an outdoor hot tub so at least they were warm.

With them gone, I was able to write at my desk until they returned around 3pm. Then I scooted through the rain into the RV. I was wearing shorts and it was cool but with a warm blanket over my legs, I was fine. And the RV doesn't leak! At least not at the table where I was sitting.

BTW I started my writing day with the final tweaking of my Cheryl Wyatt's Prompt contest entry, paring it down to 299 words. Then, b/c I didn't want to distract myself and start surfing, I didn't send out the entry, deciding to do it later on this evening. Well, just after 8 my time, I realized I still hadn't sent it out. eeps! Not sure what time Cheryl was on, I went online, (dial-up), zipped off my entry, and went off-line again, ignoring the temptatiion to see how the rest of you were doing. Phew.- just made it.

So, with the males out of the house for half a day, my report is:

Total words for today: 7228

Pages written today: 34

Total percentage complete: 61%



  1. Hi Anita,

    7000 words, yikes! Wow, and working on two WIPs at once. So...when am I going to see some? Hmmm? (hint hint)

    We have to touch base. Lots to update...I've been busy getting ready for school, which starts tomorrow, and I'm still not mentally ready, as I'm seven chapters in to a new WIP. Usually I write like blazes, but this one is going a wee bit slower. I'm worried about word count, but I always worry about word count, then find out there's plenty enough story to tell (except my first novel, and that doesn't count: my precious trunk baby LOL).

    Glad you got some kid-free writing time and congrats to your newly-baptized Drapers! :)

    Hope to "talk" to you soon!

  2. Hey Gwen, when I awoke this am, my first thought was that I hadn't even told my CP's what I was doing all weekend. And that maybe I should send a quick email. Then I logged on and saw your comment. Great! So you know...another day and I'll be back to normal. 8)

    It's cold and wet today. At the moment it's 8c/46F. The poor farmers.

    Good job on your wip. I was wondering if you were writing or revising.

    So, you want some work, eh? Which wip do you want? LOL


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