Friday, September 5, 2008

Book Review: The Redemption of Jake Scully

The Redemption of Jake Scully by Elaine Barbieri Love Inspired Historical #10 - Jun 08

This book was the first I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it. It's a suspenseful tale of a young orphan and the ‘old' man who took her in.

Saloon keeper, Jake Scully had only one friend in the world and when that man died, his grandchild walked all the way to town to find Scully because her Grandpa said Scully would take care of her. Scully did. He sent her east for schooling and to become a lady.

Now, it's 10 yrs later, and the lady is coming home. Lacey Stewart doesn't remember much about the man who took her in all those years ago, except that he owned a saloon and by now must be fairly old. But she owed him a debt for her schooling, so she'd take care of him in his old age.

Imagine her surprise when she alights from the stage to find a man only a decade or so older than herself. She might have been sheltered while at school, but the feelings she feels developing for her guardian are not those of an immature school girl for her ‘uncle'.

Jake tries to do the noble thing and find a husband deserving of her gentility because she can't live in the saloon like he does. However, it rankles when a young man starts courting her.
Not only that, but danger lurks everywhere for her and it all points back to when her grandfather was murdered all those years ago.

I have to admit however, that every time I read the name ‘Scully', I thought of Scully on the X-Files and it was enough to throw me off track for a few seconds thereby detracting from the enjoyment of this book.

Heat Factor: Affectionate between the protags but there's lots of innuendos and other stuff flying around. After all, the setting is a saloon with ‘dancing' girls, etc.

My Rating: Great! - 4 ½ stars (a keeper)


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