Thursday, September 11, 2008

Book Review: Wilderness Courtship

Wilderness Courtship by Valerie Hansen Love Inspired Historical #13 - Aug 08

The heroine in this book is Charity Beal. If you think the name sounds familiar, you'd be right. Charity is the younger sister of the heroine in a previous LIH book Frontier Courtship which I previously blogged about. And if you remember Charity from that book, you'll be wondering how the author could ever turn her into a heroine we'd...well, to put it

But, she did. Charity has learned from her youthful experience. She's a serious young woman of faith who's made a vow to never lose her heart again after the disastrous choice she made the first time.

fine with Thorne Blackwell who's still agonizing over a previous error in judgment with another woman. He needs Charity's help, not a romantic relationship.

So Charity accompanies Thorne and his family up into the wilderness of Oregon and along the way falls in love not only with Thorne, but his 3 yr old nephew.


Heat Level: Romantic - not between the two protags, but b/c of what Charity remembers

My Rating: Very Good 4 stars


2008 Harlequin 100,000 Book Challenge:

Total books Read: 90 Harlequin Imprint: 85 Others: 5


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