Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Burst Blood Vessel Update

(In a deep echo voice) And now, for the on-going story of ‘My Hand’s Gonna Explode!’...

Harlequin Romance author, Donna Alward came up with a ringer – Holy Hematoma! (I wish I’d thought of that) Good going, Donna.

Yesterday morning, the swelling had gone done considerably but my hand now had a distinct blue tinge. I forgot to put ice on it (tsk, tsk, tsk) and after posting a couple emails, took a 2 hr drive to the beautiful state of North Dakota.

I picked up my mail, sent off my partial of An Outlaw for the Lady to Steeple Hill in New York, and visited the local library. I love the Divide County library. They have a section of books where you bring some in and take some home. All free. Take what you want to read. I brought about 18 in and picked out 15 to take home including a nearly new copy of The Rustler by Linda Lael Miller which I believe is the current book she’s promoting. Yippee!

Anyway, did you get that part about sending out the partial to Steeple Hill? Yeah? Okay...

By the time I was enroute home, my hand throbbed. I’d tried to keep it on the top of the steering wheel but that was only when driving. I didn’t want to walk around ND with my hand raised in a perpetual sign of greeting...mind you, they probably would’ve just thought, ‘Another crazy Canuck’ and forgotten it...

I'd bought Ibuprofen at Wal-Mart in Estevan but it was in the back of the van and I didn't feel like stopping so close to home. Yes, I did put frozen peas on it as soon as I got home and then I took the photo:

I did a bit of writing last night but the burst vein started to bulge again. (sigh)

JodieG posted in the comments why she guessed it grew so large: She asked if I take an aspirin every day: Yes, I do.

She said that will stop the blood from clotting quickly.

Jodie also mentioned I should have put ice on right away (I waited an hour before I even noticed...but I was writing!!!)

So, thanks Jodie I’ll be ready next time – and yes, I’m positive there’ll be a next time since after 20 yrs of military arms by my side, I love the freedom of movement...

Anyway, this is what it looks like today – I am now worried...NaNoWriMo starts in just over 2 days and that means optimum writing – eeps.

But you know what? Love Inspired author, Cheryl Wyatt, worked on 2 book deadlines with severely injured hands after a vehicle accident this past year. If she can do it with 2 ‘bad’ hands, there’s no excuse for me with only one injured one.


  1. maybe you can create a little ice-pack "wrap" to keep on your hand as you type. actually, create two and then when one gets thawed, you take a quick break, stick the thawed "wrap" in the freezer and put the new one on and continue to write.

    was just a thought...

    *hugs and prayers*


  2. And here it is 2011 and your information has soothed my heart. I tried to remove a round peg from a square hole and broke the two vessels under my ring finger and pinkie. (the round peg was a round heavy duty vase for roses and the square hole was the tub next to it with the rim wrapped over. I pushed on what I thought was the side of my hand to the side of the tub, as the gear shift was also in the way ) Imagine my surprise as I next saw what appeared to be a huge marble under my skin. As I deliver roses I was a bit apprenhensive about going in the store. I slapped a bandaid on it and went in. The clerk in the store and I watched it grow and I had 350 roses yet to deliver. Returning to my truck I placed my hand over the a/c vent until the next store and continued till the end of the route. After prayer and moving my negative-ion bracelt up over it I made it home and now have googled your site to be reassured everything will be alright. It is now one day later and the swelling is about completely down. Concern is about the blood, what happens to it ? We are fearfully and wonderfully made, so I am assuming the body will disperse it accordingly. Thanks You so much for posting your situtation and showing the picture as it was 100% idenical to mine, only over under the last two fingers.

  3. Hello, Anonymous. First, thanks for commenting. Because of you, I just saw a comment from my friend, Deb from 3 yrs ago. Yikes!

    You said, Concern is about the blood, what happens to it ? We are fearfully and wonderfully made, so I am assuming the body will disperse it accordingly.

    Honestly, I don't know what happens to it. The swelling went down and everything went back to normal.

    And yes, God made us with perfection according to His design. Wow!

    Praying for the complete healing of your hand with no lasting effects. And bless you for delivering flowers. A flower is a wonderful representation of God's handiwork and it puts such a smile of our faces.

    So glad you stopped for a visit. :)


  4. Hey Deb, I just saw this when another comment came through moderation. I guess better than never, eh. :?

    And you had a great idea there, too.

    Perhaps the author of this other comment can use your advice.

    Bless you,



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