Saturday, October 4, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

You can't know the jolt that shoots through your system when you read those words, 'You've Been Tagged' unless you've actually been tagged.

I was.

I wasn't even back home from my trip to the ACFW conference when Margaret Daley sent me an email telling me the good news. Except I didn't know what it meant. Sure, I've read other people being tagged over the last 18 months I've read the blogs and joined but I'd never been tagged so I never cared.

Once I became IT, I went to Margaret's site at to see what it was all about. Hmmm. It didn't look too bad. I noticed she also tagged Debby Giusti at Craftie Ladies of Suspense which is another of my favourite blogs, so I went to and checked it out.

I think I get the picture. Hopefully by the time I finish this post, I'll have picked out 6 people who will be thrilled to get tagged. I see that Debby turned around and tagged Cheryl Wyatt at even though Margaret had already tagged her.

Can she do that? I didn't read that in the rules. Who made up these rules, anyway? Where's the website with all the rules for tagging. And the referee. There's gotta be a ref, right?

So I can't confirm the rules right now, but since both Margaret and Debby list them as such, I will as well:

Here, then, are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write six random things about yourself.

4. Tag six people at the end of your post.

5. Let each person know when he or she has been tagged.

6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So, according to the rules, I've already done #1 & 2.

You really want me to do #3?

Okay, so 6 random things about myself:

1. I prefer 7-Eleven coffee/capuccinos to Tim Horton's (can you see the Canadian jaws dropping...that's like saying you prefer McDonald's coffee to Starbuck's!)

2. I tell my kids to pick up their stuff from the floor or sofa while my own pile of 'stuff' stays in plain sight...because mine's more important. (Yes, I'm working on this.)

3. I can't abide squished bread.

4. My hubby does my laundry.

5. My pockets usually contain rocks from my walks and yes, hubby's the one to find them because...well...see #4.

6. I think the sweetest sound on earth is a voice raised in praise and worship.

Well, that wasn't too hard. What's next...tag 6 people...yikes. Okeedokee...I tag:

1. Vicki Bylin (Harlequin Historical - Magic of Christmas anthology in stores now)

2. Cheryl St. John (Harlequin Historical - Magic of Christmas anthology in stores now)

3. Linda Ford (LI Historical - The Journey Home)

4. Barbara Phinney (LI Suspense - Deadly Homecoming)

5. Donna Alward (Harlequin Romance - The Rancher's Runaway Princess)

6. Amy Andrews (Harlequin Medical - Top-Notch Surgeon, Pregnant Nurse)


  1. Err, thanks Anita for tagging me and Hi. But....I don't have a blog...

  2. Hey Amy - I looked and I couldn't figure out if it was a blog or not.

    But, b/c it said, 'Hi...' I thought you might be able to change it at will.

    Even if you don't do anything, your name will still live on in my blog. :-)

  3. You did good. I loved discovering tidbits about you.


  4. Your husband does your laundry!? I love him! Do you rent him out?

  5. Yikes, Anita Mae, I didn't realize Margaret had tagged Cheryl!

    I should have tagged 6 NEW folks. Poor Cheryl, now she's been double tagged!

    Anita Mae, so great seeing you at ACFW!!! Love your blog.

  6. Cheryl - no, you can't my hubby. LOL

    We had a chance to move the laundry eqpt up to the main floor b/c of my arthritic knees and back but he said no, he'll take care of it. It was his choice.

    However, I must mention that he's such a doll he also does windows although I can do those.

  7. Hey Debby, it was nice to see you at the conf, too.

    I sent an email to Cheryl last night and rec'd an immediate answer back that she was losing her mind and might respond to emails by the end of the week if she could find it again.

    LOL - and to think you caused it.

    Hey - maybe you can use that in a book:

    Author gets stalked (tagged) and thinks she's losing her mind.



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