Thursday, November 27, 2008

Book Review: The Borrowed Bride

The Borrowed Bride by Elizabeth Lane Harlequin Historical #920 Nov 08

This is a great book and I really enjoyed reading it. I like being near people of integrity because they make me want to rise above myself and the two main characters in this book oozed with honor as well as tension.

I wanted to read the next page...the next find out if Quint, the younger brother, was going to come back and the emotional explosion it would entail.

Hannah Gustavson grew up alongside Judd Seavers’ younger brother, Quint. Being a decade older, Hannah didn’t really know Judd and in fact, ran from his forbidding countenance. Hannah had always loved Quint, but Quint had wanderlust. He just wasn’t ready to settle down yet.

Hannah had kept Quint’s ‘roving hands’ under control but somehow, the day before he left to satisfy his wanderlust, she gave in to his male urge. It was a decision she regretted immediately after – before she even realized the full implication of the deed But Quint left the next day when Judd, injured from the war, came home to take over the ranch.

Hannah went back to her parent’s farm and started a weekly letter writing campaign to Quint. Two and a half months later however, Hannah realized she carried Quint’s child. She tried to keep it a secret but her mother found out and went to Quint’s mother. Judd was there and understood the stigma that would be attached to Hannah and her baby. He was the uncle of Hannah’s baby. He had to protect them - the child and its mother. He offered to marry Hannah and give them a home and the baby the Seavers name. The marriage would be platonic for convenience only. Judd would have divorce papers drawn and ready to be signed the minute Quint came back.

It was the perfect plan. Hannah and Judd married and settled down to wait for Quint to come back home. Of course they developed feelings for one another but they wouldn’t act upon it because any day now, Quint would come back to claim Hannah and his child...wouldn’t he? And if he didn’t, how long could Hannah and Judd hold out because they were both determined to do the right thing for the brother who wandered away.

Heat Level: Yummy

My Rating: Great (4 stars)

2008 Harlequin 100,000 Book Challenge: 104 books read


  1. Oooo. I like the premise of this one. I'm so glad you're doing these reviews. I'm always up for a great read and you take some of the "find" work out of it for me. :)

  2. Hey Kelly, I don't mind doing all the work in this case...really... 8)


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