Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book Review: Falling for Mr. Dark & Dangerous

Falling for Mr. Dark & Dangerous by Donna Alward Harlequin Romance 4044 - Aug 08

I loved this book. I don't know if it was the ‘US marshal undercover cop' thing or the ‘I have a secret and I'm not telling' thing or the ‘we're out in the woods all alone and no one will ever know' thing, but I delved into this book with my heart and mind. It was a cathartic experience and I'm adding it to my 2008 Top 10 list.

If you've read my reviews on the first 2 related books, you know that I enjoy Ms Alward's writing. I believe this to be her best book so far. It reminded me of 2 people - aching to touch - their hands pressed together - with an invisible but solid wall of glass between them. There's actually nothing to stop either one from breaking the pane and surging forward...except the aftermath of heartache.

Single mother Maggie Taylor wants one thing in life - to give her daughter the best start in life she can. The girl's already had one tangle with the law. To circumvent another, Maggie sends her daughter to a boarding school in the city to finish her high school. It tore Maggie's heart to do it, but it was for the best.

Home for spring break, Maggie's daughter will soon return to school and leave Maggie more lonely and despondent than ever. With no guests, Maggie decides to vacation in Mexico while her B&B is closed for the season. But before she can make her reservations, she receives confirmation and fees for a 3 wk booking from the U.S. Marshal's Service for one of their employees. Apparently, Maggie's daughter took the reservation.

Nate Griffith is an undercover US marshal but he's not admitting that to Maggie. As far as she knows, he's just a cop who needs some R&R after a bad experience and her mountain B&B seems like the perfect spot to do it. She doesn't need to know who he's investigating or how it ties in with her and her daughter. Sure, he's attracted to Maggie. But once she finds out why he's really there she'll kick him out on his rear.

So, what happens when you meet someone and you recognize them as your soul mate? Nate and Maggie can't be soul mates, though. Nate's like 9 yrs younger than she is. He's from a different country. He's a cop. Maggie's husband was a cop and died in the line of duty. Nate will leave in 3 wks and Maggie will never hear from him again. He's just wrong for her!

But, he's wonderful and strong and it's been so long since Maggie has felt the caress of a man's love. Is it worth it to drop her shields if only for a little while?

This is a stand-alone book. However, it ties in with the characters from Windover Ranch:
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Heat Level: Sensual

My Rating: Excellent - 5 stars (Top 10 list)

2008 Harlequin 100,000 Book Challenge:

Total books Read: 103 Harlequin Imprint: 96 Others: 7

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