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Book Review: The Italian Count's Baby

The Italian Count's Baby by Amy Andrews
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This book made me cry. Sure, it's a steamy romance, but it's so much more. The author didn't just have the characters move forward in their relationship, she gave them rich yet painful histories that impacted every step they took in their journey. It wasn't just emotional baggage. She compounded the problems in the heroine's past until I, as a reader, wondered how Katya could ever have turned out as well as she did. Oh wait--that explains why, I'd better not say that...

What would you do if you got pregnant from a one-night stand yet had a past so disturbing you couldn't imagine bringing another child into it in case history repeated itself? And even though you love the life growing inside you more than you love living, you'd rather leave your baby with its father than bring it home and tempt fate.

What if your baby's father, Count Benedetto Medici, had wealth beyond your dreams? Your baby would never know the gnawing hunger and bitter cold that went along with poverty.

It seemed like the perfect solution except Katya can't stand Ben's life of decadence. She doesn't understand why he prefers to waste his surgery skills on something so fleeting as physical beauty. What kind of child grows up in an atmosphere like that? But, at least her baby would have his father's love...wouldn't he?

There's only one way to find out. Nurse Katya Petrov takes a job working alongside the Italian plastic surgeon to find out if he even wants a child. If he really is daddy material, she'll leave the baby behind and run as fast as she can.

Ben doesn't want a relationship and certainly not a baby, but something happened to him the night be made love to Katya. She irreversibly changed him. Now, she's back and pregnant with his child and he doesn't want to let her go.

I slid into this story, heart and mind...I weaved in my chair as we drove the treacherous Italian roads...I was pregnant again...I could feel the flutterings...feel the kicks...feel myself grow huge...feel his hand splayed across my belly...I'm pregnant again...what...I can't be pregnant again...I already have 4 kids...I'm too old...I...oh...hee's only Amy's book...whew!

Heat Level: Yummy

My Rating: Great! - 4 ½ stars (a keeper)


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Total books Read: 100 Harlequin Imprint: 93 Others: 7


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