Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gotta Get Those Priorities Straight

My NaNo meter hasn’t moved for the past 2 ½ wks because I tried to do too many writing projects at the same time. I had to postpone my NaNo project because it was low on my priority list. I really miss NaNo, though.

Before I get to start a new project, I need to complete my current ones. I need to write this across my desk in big letters.

At the ACFW conference, I rec’d 2 requests for partials for different manuscripts. I’ve since mailed them out but need to work on revising the rest of the ms with what I’ve learned at the conference, just in case the respective editors request to see the full. This is my main priority.

I’d like to say it’s my 1st priority but I have the church blog to update and a local newsletter to get out. At the moment, being the editor of the newsletter is the only job where I get paid to use my writing skills.

I’m also working on a contest entry. The contest needs inspirational entries, so I wanted to enter something. We want to keep the inspy categories in the contests but if no one enters, they’ll drop it the next time around. And of course, contests have deadlines.

And then, someone said I shouldn’t do book reviews because it takes time away from my writing. They’re right. However, I usually do the book reviews when I need a break from my writing. I find it hard to do revisions which is the stage I’m in now. Writing a book review on someone else’s writing is cathartic. It’s usually the last thing I do before shutting down for the night. Then, in the morning, I check it for accuracy and post it. It’s the way I like to start my writing day.

So, I have to keep to my priorities straight, stop procrastinating and do it. I'll forget NaNo for this year. After all, there's always Book in a Week in January.

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