Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's Official - I'm a Book Review Blogger

Last night I was going through the blog list I have listed on the right side of this screen and Inspirational writer, Kelly Marstad’s blog Writing by Faith...One Book at a Time intrigued me.

Kelly’s post on Oct 30th talks about becoming a book reviewer for the publisher Thomas Nelson. Apparently, Thomas Nelson has realized the power of personal reviews and personal blogs. To this effect, they are inviting a limited number of readers to become Book Review Bloggers (BRB).

The benefits of becoming a BRB is that you receive free books to review and you get a link to your blog on the Thomas Nelson website.

The requirements are simple: Read the book, write a review and post the review on:
- Your personal blog
- The Thomas Nelson Book Review Blog
- Any commercial website (from Amazon to Walmart and others in between)

Report to Thomas Nelson when your review has been posted so they can update your account, and then pick another book to review.

Now this seemed too easy to me. I already write book reviews and post them here and on And I’ve just started posting them to and It’s so easy with the copy and paste function. Plus, Thomas Nelson gives you all the product details like photo, blurbs, etc.

So after reading Kelly’s blog post and the Thomas Nelson program details, I applied to become a reviewer. I instantly received a response that someone would contact me within the next few days.

This morning, I received my acceptance email and was directed to a Thomas Nelson page of books from which I could choose one to review. From a variety of subjects, I chose the book Reflections of God's Holy Land, a biblical reference book with historical and architectural information, relevant scriptures and photos of Israel. As soon as I clicked that I wished to review that book, I received an email that it was on its way. As a writer of historical fiction, I am eagerly awaiting this book to review.

This differs from Kelly’s blog post where she said her email included 2 chapters to read while waiting to receive the book. I suppose the difference is because her book is text while mine has more pictures. :-)

If you wish to check out this opportunity, go to

Kelly – thank you. And, in return for bringing this to my attention, I’ll send you a free copy of my book...uh...once it’s it’s been accepted for publication. Okay?


  1. LOL!! Anita you rock. I accept totally and will review it whenever it comes. ;)

    I think TNpub is awesome for doing this. Talk about research material access and market relevance information. What a great way to get your name out there while indulging a reading addiction.

    Mind if I put you as a link on my blog?

  2. Hey Kelly - you want to link to my blog? How cool is that! (That's a yes by the way.) :-)

    I have a question for you did you get your TN book cover on your blog? Usually I put in photobucket and then add to my blog but I thought for this, I might be able to direct link. ???


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