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The McKaslin Clan series by Jillian Hart

I’ve had 2 requests (one from Kelly here, and one on my eharlequin blog) for more information about the Love Inspired series by Jillian Hart: The McKaslin Clan.

On Jillian Hart’s website at you can see the complete series with book covers and blurbs but here’s a break down for you:

Series One - The original McKaslin sisters with the setting of Manhattan, Montana

1 – Jul 02 – His Hometown Girl – Karen
2 – Mar 04 – The Sweetest Gift – Kirby
3 – May 04 – Heart and Soul – Michelle
4 – Jul 04 – Almost heaven – Kendra
5 – Oct 04 – Holiday Homecoming – Kristin

I liked this series because although these sisters had their own lives and troubles, they put a high priority on family time and regularly got together for a girl’s only night out for a rousing game of Monopoly and catching up. Add that to the author’s ability to convey heart-wrenching emotion and I was eager to read the next series.

Series Two - Paternal cousins to the original sisters, also set in Manhattan, Montana where the family runs their own diner:

1 – Apr 05 – Sweet Blessings – Amy
2 – Sep 05 – Heaven’s Touch – Ben
3 – Dec 05 – Blessed Vows – Rachel
4 – Feb 06 – A Handful of Heaven – Paige

In this series, Sweet Blessings was hard to put down. I loved the loner hero who appeared out of the rain whenever the heroine needed assistance. Then, Books 2 and 3 had heroes in uniform with Heaven’s Touch having one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever read. A Handful of Heaven was different - it was the first time I’d encountered a hero and heroine aged over 40.

Series Three – More cousins to the original McKaslin sisters, this series includes siblings Katherine, Ava, Aubrey, Lauren, Danielle, Rebecca, Spence and their honorary cousin Kelly. This family owns a Christian bookstore in Bozeman, Montana. A bonus book based on Kelly’s roommate is the last in this series.

1 - Oct 06 – A Soldier for Christmas LI 367 –- Kelly
2 – Feb 07 - Precious Blessings LI 383 – Katherine
3 – Mar 07 - Every Kind of Heaven LI 387 – Ava
4 – Jun 07 - Everyday Blessings LI 400 – Aubrey
5 – Jul 07 - A McKaslin Homecoming LI 403 – Lauren
6 – Jun 08 - Her Wedding Wish LI 447 – Danielle
7 – Aug 08 - Her Perfect Man – LI 455 – Rebecca
8 – Nov 08 - His Holiday Heart – LI 467 – Spencer
9 – Mar 09 – A Soldier for Keeps – LI 483 – Kelly’s roommate Lexie

I'm almost through this series although I couldn't find a copy of Everyday Blessings. I just finished reading Book 7 in this series and I can't wait to read Spencer's story in His Holiday Heart. Big brother Spencer is one of those guys who took care of his family when required and has grown into a morose loner. As I read through the sister's stories, I kept thinking it's just gotta be Spence's turn next but nope, not yet. Finally, it arrived in the mail this past week and I'm reading it next. I am so enjoying this series although I did find a bit of repetition in the way the girls fall in love, but it seems to be a 'thing' with this family.

Series Four – More cousins to the original sisters: Brianna, Brandilyn, Colbie, Brooke, Luke and Hunter set in Bozeman, Montana and the small fictional town of Prospect.
No further info avail at this time.

Jillian Hart is also the author of Historical Inspirational books based on the McKaslin clan:

Historical McKaslin Series One: Brothers Thad, Aiden and Finn set in Angel Falls, Montana Territory:

1 – Jan 08 – Homespun Bride – Thad see my review
2 – Jul 08 – High Country Bride – Aiden see my review
3 - ???

I loved High Country Bride and added it to my 2008 Top 10 list. I don’t know when Finn’s book will be out.

If you look at Jillian Hart’s website (top of page), you’ll see she has a couple anthologies coming out in 2009 which also include McKaslin clan stories.


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