Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Book Review: His Holiday Heart

His Holiday Heart (The McKaslin Clan) by Jillian Hart Love Inspired 469 Nov 08

This is the McKaslin Clan book I’ve been waiting for! The author has dangled the stories of each sister before me while holding their lone brother’s aloft. Each time I caught a glimpse of surly Spencer only whet my appetite for his story. And then, the day came when I rec’d His Holiday Heart in my eharlequin box and I panicked. Surely, Ms Hart had an extraordinary tale awaiting me after all the build-up...right?...right?

YES! His Holiday Heart is an excellent book and worthy of a spot on my 2008 Top Ten List. I became intrigued on page 1 when one of Spence’s sisters hinted she knew his secret and he became paralyzed at the thought.

Ms Hart has created a wonderfully refreshing hero in this book. Spence has always been responsible for his sisters and is happy they are happily married but after he saw his mother take his youngest sister and walk away from the rest of the family, he doesn’t trust women. Marriage can be a venerable institution – it just isn’t for him. Even though his father remarried and Spence loves his step-mom and step-sisters, he’d rather live his life alone than take a chance.

But, If he was going to pursue a woman, she’d have to be just like Lucy Chapin who is Spence’s ideal of the perfect woman. He’s put her on a pedestal and adores her from afar. It’s just that whenever Lucy comes near, Spence freezes up, gets tongue-tied and basically loses his mind. His thoughts just fly off somewhere and he acts like a blithering idiot. To combat this, he steels his heart, refuses to look at her, and speaks brusquely whenever she’s near.

Author Lucy Chapin has known Spence for a long time. She believes him to be an upstanding man of integrity who is respectful to women regardless of how his biological mother treated him. He is an influential man in the community who takes his responsibilities seriously and adores his nieces and nephews. He’s the kind of man she wants for a life mate. She just doesn’t understand why Spence doesn’t like her.

Heat Level: Affectionate

My Rating: Excellent - 5 stars (one to re-read; Top 10 list)

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