Thursday, December 4, 2008

Book Review: A McKaslin Homecoming

A McKaslin Homecoming (The McKaslin Clan) by Jillian Hart Love Inspired 403 July 07

If you read enough books, sooner or later, you’ll come across one with circumstances that mirror your own. This is the case in this book. I related to the heroine in a big way because of our backgrounds. The main difference, I suppose is that when the heroine went back as an adult, over the weeks that followed, they talked about her childhood.

At 2 yrs old, Lauren McKaslin’s mother took her far away from her siblings and her father under the premise they didn’t love her anymore. Lauren never rec’d a gift or card or anything to say they even thought about her. She grew up as a lonely child, with a destructive mother, in basement apartments with bars on the windows. It seemed her own mother didn’t even want her. But now she’s an adult, almost finished college, and out of the blue, a letter arrives from her grandmother saying it was time to go back.

Although filled with trepidation, Lauren wants to meet her family so she drives across several states even with the knowledge they didn’t want her. And what a surprise when she’s welcomed with open arms wherever she goes. (Well, everyone except her big brother Spencer – but he doesn’t like anybody. That’s why I can’t wait to read his story in His Holiday Heart.)

Caleb Stone, a local lawman, is next door neighbor to Lauren’s grandmother. Because he does her chores, he’s over there – a lot. Caleb was badly hurt after a serious relationship when his city-bred fiancée refused to move to his ranch. He finds himself falling for quiet Lauren, but she’s from the city, too. He has to guard his heart until she goes back to college to finish her degree.

Meanwhile, Lauren is having a hard time knowing she’ll soon have to leave her newly found loving family. But she’s so close to completing her degree, there’s no question of her leaving.

Heat Level: Affectionate

My Rating: Great 4 stars

The McKaslin Clan Series 3:

Book 1 - A Soldier for Christmas LI 367 – Oct 06 - Kelly
Book 2 – Precious Blessings LI 383 – Feb 07 - Katherine
Book 3 – Every Kind of Heaven LI 387 – Mar 07 - Ava
Book 4 – Everyday Blessings LI 400 – Jun 07 – Aubrey (I’m missing this one)
Book 5 – A McKaslin Homecoming LI 403 – Jul 07 - Lauren
Book 6 – Her Wedding Wish LI 447 – Jun 08 - Danielle
Book 7 – Her Perfect Man – LI 455 – Aug 08 - Rebecca
Book 8 – His Holiday Heart – LI 467 – Nov 08 - Spencer

2008 Harlequin 100,000 Book Challenge: 107 books read

Harlequin Imprint: 100, Others: 7


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