Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Book Review: Hill Country Christmas

Hill Country Christmas by Laurie Kingery Love Inspired Historical #18 Oct 08

I liked this book. It takes a new twist by giving an inheritance to a woman of the Old West so that she has the means to pursue her dreams. But what will a poor woman do with all that sudden wealth? And can she handle the people who want to share her good fortune? Christmas is the perfect backdrop to show what’s really important in the world.

Delia Keller lived a poor life after her father took off to seek his fortune. With her preacher grandfather, they had their physical needs supplied by their parishioners, but there wasn’t any money left for luxuries – like fixing the roof.

Delia is left destitute when her grandfather dies but on the day she buries him, a stranger, Jude Tucker, rides into town and hands her a bank certificate – the entire estate of her father who had struck it rich and left it all to her in his will. She was now completely without family, but a very wealthy woman.

And it’s it nice that an important man whom she’s always looked favorably suddenly starts courting her.

Jude Tucker promised Delia’s father he’d look after her. He’s delivered the bank certificate and ensured she has access to it’s funds. He used to be a preacher but lost his faith in the civil war. Now that Delia’s grandfather has passed on, the town needs a preacher. Jude doesn’t want anyone to realize his former profession. He really should leave town before his secret gets out but how can he go when there’s a chance Delia’s new beau is only after her money. He really shouldn’t concern himself, but then he did catch the guy exiting one of the upstair’s rooms in the saloon and everyone knows what that means.

Delia was just too rich and innocent for her own good. Somebody had to keep an eye out for her.

Heat Level: Affectionate

My Rating: Great – 4 stars


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Harlequin Imprint: 104, Others: 8

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