Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Nov Writing Report

November was a very busy month for me with many ups and downs.

I submitted a partial of Under a Harvest Moon - a contemporary inspirational to Barbour Publishing (after numerous revisions)

I entered 2 contemporary inspirational entries in the Linda Howard Award of Excellence Contest:
- Under a Harvest Moon
- When You Least Expect It

I entered a 500 word scene entitled The Last Bottle in Cheryl Wyatt’s Nov Prompt contest. Cheryl emailed back that I didn’t win but she liked my entry. To see/enter her Dec Prompt Contest, go here:

Steeple Hill sent me a rejection on An Outlaw for the Lady. However, it was not a form rejection and it detailed where I needed improvement. The editor also asked to see something else from me in the future, so this was a good rejection letter.

After receiving a perfect score from one judge in the first round of judging in the Gateway to the Best Contest, Charley’s Saint came in 4th overall out of 25 entries. The final judge from Harlequin passed along some nice tips for me.

I won a book - The Borrowed Bride by Elizabeth Lane for commenting on the blog.

I also rec’d a couple books to review:

- Love Finds You in Valentine, Nebraska by Irene Brand (This is a new inspirational publishing company which I’ll post more info on later.)

- Reflections of God’s Holy Land – a coffee table book from Thomas Nelson, Inc. (I’m a book review blogger)

I was tagged by Margaret Daley – again :-) and had to think up 7 random things about books. It was actually nice to sit back and think what I truly like about books. Margaret regularly gives away books for commenting on her blog here:

Of the 11 books I read in Nov, I’ve managed to write reviews on 8 of them – so far.

I started an inspirational suspense novel entitled Translucent Trust for NaNoWriMo but had to quit when I realized I just didn’t have time for it this year. Other writing commitments, like subbing the partial out, took precedence.

As well as the above, I’ve continued to make revisions to my wips based on what I learned at the ACFW conference in Sept.

And what did you do in November?


  1. Oh, gee, is that ALL?! LOL. Busy busy lady you are.

    Lessee, This month...
    1. Fought and fixed something in the church (weekly occurance)
    2. Made pumpkin rolls with senior youth and then came home and made them for the family.
    3. Baked cookies I don't want to eat (if I DID want to eat them, it would be a problem)
    4. Had a weeklong out of town guest
    5. Wrote half a book and finished it.
    6. Both kids off ADD meds--yeah, thanks a lot, insurance company, you babysit next time.
    7. Various dr things
    8. Joined choir so I could make people's ears bleed at will.
    9. Played dutiful vicar's wife (trust me, this is a doozy for one such as me and the frequency is killer)

  2. Oh and lost 14 pounds. Gained 10 back. Yes, rollercoaster, I know.

  3. Hey Kelly - Yes, you've been a very busy lady, too.

    Hmmm I suppose you're classifying your writing under #7? You just finished For Murder By Owner so you must've been busily writing as well, eh?

    You're way ahead of me on the baking. Kids and I start this wee...uh...Sunday...yeah, that's it...Sunday afternoon we'll start.

    And losing weight is almost a full time job right there!

    4# is nothing to sneeze at! Hey, wouldn't it be neat if we could sneeze 4# off at a time! I'll settle for a pound...even half a pound a sneeze.

    Where are those scientists when you need 'em?


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