Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh, the Joy of Christmas Shopping

The kids had been complaining they didn’t have any shopping done. Apparently, every time we go into the city, hubby and I go to the places we want, while the kids wait for us. So, a couple days ago, I picked the kids up at school, took them to the city and chauffeured them around.

It was 7:30 when we hit the 2nd mall and the kids took off as soon as they passed through those entrance doors. Fine by me because the teen has a cell phone and the boys stick together and share one.

They didn’t want me with them and I knew where I wanted to go, so I headed opposite to their direction and finally came to the store in mind which was exactly diagonal to where I’d started. Surely, the kids were off shopping somewhere else...

I spotted the gift I wanted for teen and had it in my hands when she walked around the corner. I thrust it away and jumped back. Her eyes didn’t look at what I’d been holding. She just said, “Oh, there you are.” And she smiled.

I love her smile. I’m so blessed to have a teen who smiles at me and unlike most teens, my girl doesn’t seem to mind standing or walking beside me – as long as I don’t talk to anyone about her, you understand. So there she was. And she wouldn’t go. Finally, I told her flat out that she was supposed to be shopping and maybe I was shopping, too.

She glanced at the store we were standing in front of and her eyes flared wide. She opened her mouth as if to speak. I raised my eyebrows. “Okay,” she said and wandered off. I waited all of 6 seconds before I ducked into the store in question to keep searching for her size – that alone was a mountain to climb because she’s so

And no, I’m not going to tell you if I bought the item or not because she can read and sometimes she even reads my blog. :-0

I didn’t run into the boys until they ran up to me at the entrance to Zellers. The 10 yr old looked concerned. The 13 yr old happy. Hmm. The older one immediately started prattling about his shopping but I put my hand up to stop him. Something wasn’t right. I looked down at my youngest whose whole face drooped as if it was melting away. When I asked him what was wrong, he said he thought he lost his wallet.

I looked at my older son. He looked back at me in horror. Indeed.

Frantically, younger son searched all the pockets of his snowsuit. Nothing.

Older son now looked panicked as well.

I calmly told them to retrace their steps, stopping everywhere they’d stopped, and ask the store workers if anyone had found it. The boys nodded and rushed off.

Of course it crossed my mind that I should go with them. But you know, they’re old enough, now. They don’t need a panicked mama hovering over them. What they need is to concentrate on where they’ve been. I walked through Zellers as if I wasn’t worried that someone had picked up my son’s wallet with his cash, debit and library cards. I prayed the boys would find it. Then, I texted home to tell hubby to pray, too.

About 20 mins later, the boys found me as I walked back out into the mall. The youngest triumphantly held up his wallet. While they’d been looking, they’d heard his name over the loudspeaker telling him to go to the mall Customer Service. Yes, someone had found it and turned it in. Cash and cards intact. Phew! Thank you, God.

A quick text home to mollify hubby and a reassurance to teen who rushed up to ask why someone wanted said brother, and everything was fine. Yeah, except my nerves. Although I’m sure you couldn’t tell from the outside.

It was at this point that youngest son said, “This is nice, Mom, but it’s too expensive. I wanna go to the Dollar Store.” The others agreed. Smart kids.

A few mins later via Ring Road that hugs the outskirts of the city, we enter a spanking brand new Dollarama and shopped until they closed the store a half hour later. Back in the car, the kids were tired but grinning. I asked if they were ready to go home and mentioned that WalMart and SuperStore were open all night.

Nope, they just wanted a pit stop at 7-Eleven. They were shopped out.

Fine by me. And, unlike the blowing snow we’d encountered on our way in, the drive home from the city was gorgeous. With the full moon only a couple days away, there was enough light to spot a deer before it ran onto the road. With the wind barely noticeable, a clear night, carols on the radio, and the kids sleeping in the back, I really enjoyed the hour drive back home.

So, do you have any stories to tell about Christmas shopping, either lately or in you’re your past? Forget your kids in a shopping cart? Run into someone with your potential gift in their hands, or vice versa? Lose your purse or wallet? Surely we can’t be the only ones....


  1. What a wonderful day and a wonderful story. You've got great kids! My husband loves the Dollar Store. It's good for wrapping paper (if you get there early) and we always find Christmas odds and ends. Last year I bought a reindeer candle holder. We keep out all year because it's so pretty.

  2. Hi Vicki, I have to admit, by the time I finished, the kids were already warming up the van.

    I was quite surprised - and happy - to find pkgs of small decorated clothespins to hang Christmas cards on. Just what I needed and I'm already using them.

    As well, I found purple, scented garbage bags! The perfect stocking stuffer for my niece. She loves purple and I never know what to get her.

    I have a reindeer candle holder, too but I think I got it at WalMart. There's nothing wrong with keeping nice things up all year. We should keep things around that bring us comfort and joy.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit. :-)

  3. anita
    you are a truly blessed mama.
    thank goodness your son found his wallet.
    i've left my car keys at check out counters before. my hubby teases me about the fact that if it isn't attached to me, i will leave it behind... which explains why my purse and wallet are always firmly attached to my body

    from Deb

  4. Hey Deb - I hear you - I remember one time when we lived on base and I walked out of the BX with my arms full, and put my clutch purse on the roof of the car while I unlocked the doors. I stowed the bags in the trunk and drove off.

    I left the base and was on the access road to town when I saw this MP car behind me with lights flashing.

    Now, my hubby was an MP and at least once before, he'd stop me on the same road and of course everyone passing would be gawking and laughing at me b/c they didn't know he was my hubby. He'd lean in and kiss me - which was a biggie no-no while in uniform - and then drive away.

    So this one time, I thought it was him playing with me, but as a military member myself, I wasn't about to disobey, so I stopped.

    He swaggered up to my window, and said, 'Going somewhere, lady?"

    I laughed and just said shopping. With nonchalance, he reached up, handed me my clutch purse and said, 'You might need this'. Now, that time I was embarrassed.

    I'd only driven a mile or so at a sedate pace, but am I glad it was still there considering it had my Base ID.


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