Saturday, January 24, 2009

BIAW – Final Day

It’s over for another year.

BIAW 2009 officially ended at midnight.

My totals for the week:

Final day word count – 5130 words

Total BIAW count – 27,557 words

Total page count – 105 pages

Translucent Trust is now 50.1% complete. Yeeee hawww!!!

Storywise – I killed somebody off. Didn’t want to do it, and it wasn’t like I had one too many characters or anything, but it just seemed natural. Wait – I should rephrase that – the villain killed somebody. There, that’s better.

Just prior to finding the body, Dyler and Hayley finally started trusting each other enough to share information and personal suspicions. They now believe they are being stalked by either the person who murdered her brother 5 yrs ago, or by someone who knows who the murderer is and is protecting him.

They are beginning to communicate more on an emotional level and the reader is starting to understand why Dyler and Hayley broke up after her brother’s death. I had skimmed the surface before, but now that I hope I have the reader hooked and liking Dyler and Hayley, I’m letting them have more time for retrospection.

I’ve mentioned before about sending out my contest entries, and I find it exasperating when one judge will say they want to know more in the first few chapters and other judges say give a sentence here and another sentence later until the reader is craving for the complete story. But, that's only natural since the judges are just humans who like to read.

Do you like to bare it all at the beginning so that the reader has the big picture? Or do you like doling it out a bit of info at a time so that the complete story isn’t realized until the last half?

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