Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 5 – Book in a Week

So finally, after 4 productive days of writing, LIFE got in my way.

I awoke with my fingers itching to get at my story – but I made the mistake of checking my inbox and yes, there were 3 emails that required answers.

With that out of the way, I opened my word doc for Translucent Trust – and my iPod Touch chimed. It was time to leave for an appt.

I arrived back home near noon, checked my email and some blogs while eating my veggies, read what I wrote yesterday – and my iPod Touch reminded me I still had to write Thursday’s post for the Prairie Chicks Write Romance blog.

After writing, revising and tweaking my post entitled Trolling for an Agent? – my iPod Touch said it was time to pick up the kids from school and head into the city for a music lesson.

It was 9:30 pm when we arrived back home. I left the teen to put away the groceries and zipped over to my writing corner where I flicked my laptop off power saver and – I wrote. Ahh. What a relief. By the time midnight crept up, my word count stood at 1235 for the day. Peanuts compared to the previous 4 days, but man, did it feel good.

The jury is still out on whether the iPod Touch I received for Christmas will be able to handle the workload. Or, will it accidently get smashed against a wall for its efficiency. Only time will tell.

How do you manage your time? Do you use your computer calendar? A timer? An iPod or similar device like mine? Please tell me I’m not the only one with these kinds of days. Come on, talk to me...


  1. I vote for the accidental smashing, personally.

    How do I handle it? I usually end up growling at anyone close enough to get in my way.

    It is one of the biggest challenges - try to write and run a family at the same time, and as wives and mothers that's exactly what we do. All things considered, you got a lot done.

  2. LOL Donna, it was said tongue-in-cheek but the truth is I've been known to throw things when I get angry. I don't like it and I try very hard to curb it, but...

    I did get a lot done, didn't I?

    But then, if you can do it, so can I. You are an excellent role model. Thanks for stopping by.


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