Friday, January 16, 2009

Fostered by Love Series by Margaret Daley

Here's an update on the Fostered by Love series by Margaret Daley.

In an email, I was telling Margaret how eager I am to read Book 3 - Family Ever After - since I'd hoped Cara and Noah would get together since they were first mentioned in separate instances in Book 1 - Once Upon A Family.

In her responding email, Margaret mentioned there are more books in this series so I asked her what they were since they're not on her website at yet.

She emailed back the info so here is the new Fostered by Love series list:

1 – Once Upon a Family – Apr 07 – Peter Stone and Laura Williams

2 – Heart of the Family – Dec 07 – Dr. Jacob Hartman and Hannah Smith

3 – Family Ever After – May 08 – Noah Maxwell and Cara Winters

4 – Second Chance Family – Jul 09 – Whitney Maxwell's story (Noah's sister)

5 – Together for the Holidays – Nov 09 – Lisa Morgan's Story (Andy's mother)

About Book 5, Margaret said, 'As you're reading she has a long way to go to be a heroine but then the Lord works miracles in us. Both Whitney and Lisa's stories are grittier and deal with very timely issues.'

I know what she means because I've just been introduced to Andy's mom in Book 2 (which I'll review shortly) and yes, the lady does have problems...major ones, too. So it will be interesting to see how Margaret develops her character over the next couple books.

Margaret also said, 'I will say it can be hard writing the Fostered by Love series (or any series over the long haul). You are sure it was one way--after all, you created the story and place--but later you discover it was another way. I write down notes but occasionally some things will slip through. Just a heads up as a writer who might tackle her own series one day. This one has grown beyond my original plans. I have two more I hope they will buy. We'll see what the future holds.'

That would be great if there are more books in this series. I'm a sucker for abandoned kids and animals and Margaret writes about them with an affinity I could never hope to reach.

And I think she's just given me fodder for another Prairie Chicks Write Romance post: no matter how much plotting you put into your story, sometimes it takes on a life of its own...

Thanks, Margaret.



  1. Thank you for highlighting the Fostered by Love series. Children and animals are a big thing to me and when they are abandoned, all I want to do is find them a good home where they will belong and be loved.

  2. Hey Margaret, I'm so glad you took me 'under your wing' at the ACFW conference last Sept, too.

    I didn't know anyone when I arrived and I wasn't sure I'd recognize anyone from their on-line photos, but from that first Steeple Hill breakfast until we all disbursed on Sun, you made me feel welcome and I truly appreciate it.


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