Thursday, February 19, 2009

Book Review: Crazy About the Boss

Crazy About the Boss
(The Brides of Bella Lucia)
by Teresa Southwick
HR 3924 Dec 06

This great book is your typical employee falls for the boss book with a twist. So what’s the twist? Well, after 2 years of working together, the boss is put into an emotionally threatening situation and his employee’s suppressed feelings for him surface when she realizes he’s not so shallow after all. But is he really vindictive enough to allow his family to fall into financial ruin just because he can?

You see, Jack Valentine walked away from the famous Valentines of the Bella Lucia restaurants when he was only 18 after a dispute with his father and he’s never gone back. And now, 12 yrs later, he still doesn’t want to got back but, his younger sister is pleading with him to make a Christmas appearance. The family is in financial trouble and they need Jack and his money to bail them out. Jack doesn’t want to bail them out but with some perverse sense of showing off, he decides to attend the Christmas gathering.

Maddie Ford has been Jack’s faithful assistant for the past 2 yrs. She’s done everything from advise him to console the women he’s dropped by the wayside. Sure she had a crush on him but that was way back when they first started working together. Once she saw how shallow he really was, she was able to push aside her feelings and start a productive working arrangement with him. But then out of the blue, he takes her to London with him and suddenly, she sees sides of him she never imagined. A caring side. A hurting side. A dangerous side. Dangerous to her equilibrium because she starts to fall for him once again. And this time, she doesn’t think she can push her feelings aside and if she can’t she won’t be able to work effectively with him ever again.

This is the 6th book in The Brides of Bella Lucia series. For the complete listing, go here:

Heat Level: Sensual

My Rating: Great - 4 stars

2009 Harlequin 100,000 Book Challenge: 15 books read

Harlequin Imprint: 15, Others: 0

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