Sunday, February 8, 2009

Book Review: Forsaken Canyon

Forsaken Canyon (Heart of the Amazon Book 3) by Margaret Daley Love Inspired Suspense #119 - Oct 08

Once again, Margaret Daley has written an intriguing archaeological mystery set in the remote desolate canyons of New Mexico. This final book in the Heart of the Amazon series had me looking over my shoulder at the oddest times since the author gave us the POV of the ‘Guardian’ who is on constant, silent vigil of our heroine. I thought I knew who the Guardian was, but then the author threw a red herring in the path, only to be followed by another, and another until I was getting dizzy second guessing myself. And yet, when I reached the end and discovered who the Guardian actually was, everything fell into place and I realized, the clues had been right before my eyes.

Of course, Kit Sinclair doesn’t know she has a secret Guardian. A history professor at the Albuquerque City College, Kit is under pressure to publish something if she wants to make tenure and stay on the faculty. She’s not an archaeologist, but research has led her to believe the Lost City of Gold is hidden deep in Desolation Canyon. Her mind is made up, she’s set to go. She just needs someone to get her in there. She’s just not sure if she wants the reportedly ‘best there is’ because she seems to lose concentration whenever he comes near.

Pueblo Chief of Police Hawke Lonechief is the best guide for Kit’s trek into Desolation Canyon. The only problem is – and it’s a biggie – Hawke lost his wife 4 yrs ago in the very same canyon when she got too close to the edge and disappeared in an instant. Hawke can’t get her terror-stricken expression nor her screams out of his mind. And now, an amateur who’s never been on a field expedition is coercing him to guide her into a death trap. Hawke doesn’t want to and he fights her as long as he can but he finally capitulates. For the first time since his wife died, he’s drawn to another women and if he wants her to come out of that canyon alive, he’s gotta be the one to do it.

Heat Level: Affectionate

My Rating: Excellent - 5 stars (Top 10 list)

Heart of the Amazon series:

1 – Jan 07 - Heart of the Amazon Love Inspired Suspense #37
2 – Oct 07 - Buried Secrets Love Inspired Suspense #72
3 – Oct 08 – Forsaken Canyon Love Inspired Suspense #119

2009 Harlequin 100,000 Book Challenge: 10 books read

Harlequin Imprint: 10, Others: 0

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