Sunday, February 15, 2009

Book Review: Wanted: Outback Wife

Wanted: Outback Wife (The Brides of Bella Lucia) by Ally Blake HR 3916 Oct 2006

I just love stories set in Australia. Although this book is about the family that owns the famous Bella Lucia restaurants in London, the story is about Jodie - the sister to Louise who suddenly learns she’s adopted. (Louise’s story is the final book in the series.) Both girls are visiting Australia but as Jodie’s visa gets closer to it’s expiry date, Jodie decides she doesn’t want to go back to England and her clingy, emotionally disturbed mother.

The only way Jodie is guaranteed to stay in Australia is to marry an Aussie, but how can she find a husband in a month? Her flat mates start up a website at and start lining up the candidates. After watching the losers stream past, Jodie practically falls out of her chair when big, blonde Heath volunteers for the position.

Heath Jameson is a rich farmer from the outback who wants a life change. After his sister-in-laws funeral, he decides he’s tired of living a safe existence. When he sees a photo of Jodie from her website, he’s intrigued. He can’t figure out why someone who seems as vivacious as her would need a husband but he’s game to find out. He arranges a meeting and they hit it off.

But of course, secrets abound. And even though they seem made for each other, Jodie is determined to keep the marriage platonic so she can walk away in 2 yrs with her Aussie visa guaranteed. Meanwhile Heath is like a man who’s been asleep for years. He wants a fulfilling marriage with Jodie forever. He just can’t seem to get anywhere with her.

This is the 4th book in The Brides of Bella Lucia series. For the complete listing, go here:

Heat Level: Romantic

My Rating: Great - 4 stars


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  1. Okay, yep, another book which is right up my interest alley. Cool.

  2. Yeah, eh. Well, the next book in this series is a humdinger of reality. Stay tuned...


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