Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Contest Revisions

If you’re wondering why I’m hiding out, I’m working on revisions to my Linda Howard Award of Excellence contest entry.

One of the judges gave me a near perfect score and the 2nd judge was about 37 marks below that! So, it went to a 3rd judge. Why the 3rd judge? Because in this contest, any score difference over 35 marks goes to another judge and the lowest score is dropped.

I’m truly blessed because not only did the 3rd judge like it, but she’s given me a wonderful critique filled with insights and comments to improve my story.

That’s why it’s taking me so long to revise. Plus, I had this fantastic idea to thicken the conflict between Hannah and Bobby and now I have to weave it into the plot. It’s working, but it’s taking time.

I’m on a time limit, too because I have to have it in Alabama by Feb 20th by snail mail or I forfeit and even Canada’s ExpressPost will only guarantee 6 business days.

Eeps! I better get busy...


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