Monday, March 23, 2009

The Deadline is Looming

With one week left before the deadline of the big Genesis contest of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), I should have my entries out.

I don't.

But, for a good reason - one of the lovely ladies who support my writing as a Critique Partner (CP) challenged me to improve my ms, An Outlaw for the Lady. While critting it, she saw where I could put the heroine in a position to make the hero more redeemable in the eyes of the reader. Obviously, it hadn't occurred to me but now that it has, I'm wondering how to do it for the best advantage in the small amount of space available. The Genesis contest is only 15 pages long. An additional scene at the beginning would mean re-adjusting the last pages entered so it ends on a hook. Yes, we want the judges to read the 15th page and say, 'Wow! I want to read the rest of this.'

Yet, I'm already on page 15 so now the question is this - once I've added my 'hero' scene, do I backup and find a new hook? Or do I spend more hours tightening the existing words to end on the same one?

My 2nd entry in this year's Genesis is Charley's Saint where I end with a hook on page 13. That gives me 2 whole pages to add a scene if I wish or if my CP's think I should. Thankfully, they don't. This is the entry which I've finaled with twice before so I'm praying 3rd time lucky.

Yes, it's 0520 Monday morning and I've started off with an oxymoron. The week can only get better from here. :)

Thanks to my CP's for doing such a great job.

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