Wednesday, April 1, 2009

eBook Problem: iPod Touch Glitch?

Okay, so you all know how much I like my iPod Touch . . . well, I’ve discovered a glitch and I'll try to explain it, but I'm not a techie so you'll have to bear with me.

You see, my teen daughter and I have exactly the same iPods on the outside but of course, we have different applications and things loaded onto them. My daughter has almost 100 songs on hers, whereas I have some songs and podcasts and 35 eBooks.

I guess the problem started when I began to load on the eBooks although I didn’t notice it at the time. I first uploaded ‘More than Words’ by my friend Kelly Kirch. Once I figured out how to load that one, I uploaded some eBooks I had in my laptop’s memory that I been saving. I was on a role and decided I’d never be without a book to read again. So, I headed over to The Wild Rose Press and downloaded a bunch of free reads from their site.

And that’s when I started noticing the problem. My iPod Touch seemed to be heavier. But of course, that's impossible, right? So, I put it down to my writer's imagination and didn't think anymore of it.

Then, about ten days ago, I discovered and downloaded the eReader appl’n from iTunes. With this appl’n, I could now go to the eHarlequin site and download those 16 free eBooks they’re giving away to everyone. It didn’t take very long and they were on my Touch. I now have 35 eBooks on there and I’ll never be caught without a book again.

However, my iPod felt heavier than my daughter’s.

I didn’t believe it. So I got out the small digital scale I use for weighing coins in my coin collection and my iPod weighed in at 4.65 oz (132 gr).

Yet, when I went over to the iPod Touch technical specification site at it says the Touch should weigh in at 4.05 oz (115 gr).

According to the handy gauge on iTunes, I still have 2.63 GB before I reach full capacity. Text documents like eBooks don’t take up the space like a video or movie. I probably have space for another 100 eBooks on my iPod.

But how much will it weigh if I do that? One of the reasons I like it is because I can snuggle up and read in bed with only one hand holding it up. But, it’ll put a strain on my hand if it gets much heavier.

You'd think they could figure out a way to make eBooks weightless, so that when they upload to the iPod Touch, it won't put any pressure on anything. What were they thinking?

What are you thinking?

I know what I’m thinking . . . I sure hope I don't get into trouble from Apple for writing this post, and Happy April Fool’s Day! And yes, my iPod actually does weigh more than the specs, but that's because I have an acrylic cover on the back and a safety film on the screen.


  1. Ha ha ha! I was going to say you were nuts. Then ask if you had a cover on it. Then ask if you had weighed it upon receiving it to be sure of the difference and maybe your coin weights were off too. ;)

    You had me though. I love that you loaded More than Words first. And that it wasn't immediately after that your fictional problem occured.

    I think I need an iPod.

  2. Hey Kel, I'm glad you didn't mind me putting More than Words there. Since it started my whole eBook loading, I thought it deserved the spot.

    So, you thought I was losing it, huh? Not yet, sister. LOL

    You know, it was really hard trying to write this post. And then I wanted to put a good title up there to catch the reader's eye so they wouldn't think it was just another iPod post, but I couldn't without giving it away. Even at the bottom, I had to hide the April Fool's Day part in amongst the text. But it was fun. :)


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