Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prairie Chicks to Prairie Junction

It's Thursday, so I'm blogging over at Prairie Chicks Write Romance today.

Last Thurs, I showed how Google Earth can help you research locations you can’t physically check out yourself. Today, I wanted to show you how I researched the location for my Prairie Junction series.

I went on a recce (reconnaissance mission) down to North Dakota, visited with the locals and took a few pics. I even walked into the Divide Country Sheriff's office and spent some time chatting with him. Yes, I have proof. :)

So, come on over and tell us your adventures. Again, thats:

How do you chose your locations?
Do you pick somewhere familiar and close?
Do you throw a dart at a map?
Do you think an author should have enough creative license to chose a known location then add a bunch of fictional elements?

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