Monday, March 30, 2009

Loved my Weekend. You?

I've been immersed in writing this past weekend and I loved it. But, it wasn't all while sitting in my corner in the house.

Sat was the monthly mtg of the Sask Rom Writers (SRW) up in Saskatoon. Last time, I picked up a fellow member of our group blog Prairie Chicks Write Romance, and spent the trip talking about writing. This time, however, Karen couldn't make it so I was on my own. It's a 4 hr trip without stops, 4.5 to 5 with.

One of my recent purchases had been an FM receiver so I could listen to my iPod in my vehicle. Some cars/vans have a plug-in as part of the stereo system where you can plug your iPod in and the sound will come out through your vehicle's speakers, but my van isn't equipped with it. I needed to plug the FM receiver into the cigarette lighter which is normally just under the stereo system, around the air temperature controls. Not in the Chevy Uplander.

For whatever reason, the cigarette lighter is an inch above the floor, under the pull-out drink holder. So, it took me through several stores to find an FM receiver that contained a cord long enough to reach from the floor to mid-way up the control panel where I could hook the controls, and the connecting cord another 18 inches to reach my iPod stand on the dash. I'm saying this because many of the FM receivers are made with rigid arms to come straight out of the cigarette light and then curve up a bit to hold the iPod. If I'd had to buy one of those, the controls for the receiver would've been 8 inches off the floor and I would've had to bend down and take my eyes off the road just to adjust for static. Not good.

So, there I was driving the 4 hrs to Saskatoon while listening to podcasts about writing. Some of these are podcasts I download from iTunes. Others are workshops from the writing conference I attended last Sept in Minn. The workshops came on disks which I uploaded to my iPod.

The meeting started at one and once the business part of the mtg was over, we discussed Titles. How to write one, how to keep it (editors like to change it) and what titles are out there. Following this, we critiqued each other's 'first pages'. The latter had been posted on the SRW's private blog and mbrs had time to check them over before the mtg. At one point, someone looked at their watch and we realized it was almost 5 o'clock. And the afternoon had zipped by without thought of a clock.

Yes, it was around 9:30 pm when I pulled up in my yard. It would've been a bit earlier but a heavy layer of fog enshrouded the last half hour of my trip, I even had to pull out my GPS to find my way home. No, I didn't NEED it, but I was still listening to my podcasts, and as I drove the last bit of gravel road before turning onto our secondary road, I became disoriented in the fog. No idea whatsoever how close I was to my road. I thought it had been at least a mile since passing the last farm so I should be getting close - shouldn't I? I got out my Magellan and flicked it on. At least it still had battery power otherwise I would've had to pull over to unplug the FM receiver from the cigarette lighter near the floor and plug in the Magellen. And, I did not want to stop in that fog. The GPS showed I still had half a mile before our turn. The rest was easy as I followed the disembodied voice. "Turn right, now." etc until I heard, "You have arrived." No kidding. *smile*

This is very anti-climatic, but I spent Sunday working on my contest entry for the RWA's Faith, Hope and Love chapter's Touched by Love contest. My first time for that one.

My reward - hubby had rented the movie Australia. What a masterpiece! A perfect score if I was reviewing it.

And how was your weekend? Did you get any work done, writing or otherwise? Rest up for the busy week ahead? Go for to a sporting event or walk outside? Come on, I'd like to know...


  1. Hey, Anita. You already know what I did Sat. afternoon, so I'll skip that part.

    Before I got to the meeting, I picked up some furniture that has now been added to my living room --a chair (not a recliner) and a round table with lovely curved legs ending in old-fashioned claw feet. Hand-me-downs from my sister who is moving to a condo smaller than the apt they have been in for the last four years. Now I have a new reading corner in the room.

    Sunday I attended a brunch to raise funds for the high school grads in town, chatted with a friend who just returned from visiting a newborn granddaughter in Calgary, and spent the rest of the day getting caught up with the Saturday blogs I missed by being in the city. Worked on our SRW title exercise, skipped the Junos but watched The Unit on TV before I went to bed. (I'm a nighthawk, too, so often watch the shows coming from west coast stations)

    Back to routine today -- time to get moving. I'm off to my Curves workout. And so the week begins!

  2. Good morning, Helena. It was so nice to see you on Sat and I actually should've sent an email saying this, but your comment about reading this blog put a smile on my face whenever I thought of it throughout my drive home. I so appreciate you saying it. :)

    You got a lot done this past weekend! I love antique furniture and especially reading corners. That sound so comforting.

    And, it was nice you had a chance to socialize over a fundraiser. That keeps the spirits up.

    I have to say I haven't read the SRW blog yet to see what the exercises were. I'm hoping I can spend a few hours on it on Apr 2nd after my deadlines have been met.

    Thanks for the visit, Helena.

  3. We watched Austrailia this weekend too! My hubby rented it for us. We loved it.

  4. I needs me a GPS. The church has one here but it's so useful that I'm thinking there might me an investment in order before we leave the state.

    Less than three months.

  5. Hey Jennifer, I totally agree with you. I swear the family was getting mad at me from all the sounds I was making during that breathtaking cattle stampede! I'm sure they used a green screen to film that segment, but wow, watching it was spectacular.

    I'm glad you stopped in. :)

  6. Hey Kel, I'm very glad you made it home safely.

    Yes, the GPS is a one piece of technology I don't want to be without again. However, although I like my Magellan, we developed a problem with it before it was over 6 months old. It could be because we left it in the van for a few nights and it gets kinda cold up here, but we can't use the part where it shows previous addresses.

    That's a drag because hubby locked in the guitar teacher's address because he lives in the boonies - yes, more so than I - and then when I had to drive the boys to their lesson, Nels had to draw me a map because every time we pressed 'previous address', it would freeze up.

    Hmmm - ya think it's still frozen from the weather? LOL


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