Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On-Line To Do Lists

Most evenings, we all gather in the living room to watch a TV show together. I say most because if I’m on a deadline, I take my laptop down to my bedroom and write. Usually, though, I’ll just sit in my recliner with my laptop.

Since I live in a house filled with musicians, tonight’s TV show of choice was American Idol. So, while hubby and teen daughter critiqued the contestants, I settled down to do research, book reviews, etc.

Tonight while I sat there watching Idol, I was surfing the net looking for ‘To Do List’ gadgets. Or widgets. Or whatever they’re called. Right in the blogger layout, they listed 49 different kinds of ‘To Do Lists’. You’d think I’d be able to find one.

All I want is a simple To Do List that I can adjust as the day or week goes on. You’d think it would be easy but it’s not. Every one I find is flawed in some way. But, I’ll keep looking. For now, Idol is over so I’ll post this then get back to work as everyone else heads to bed.

Have you found a nifty ‘To Do List’ you’d like to share? Let me know. I’ll be here...

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