Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prairie Chick and Pesky MRU's

It's Thurs so that means I'm blogging over at Prairie Chicks Write Romance.

Today's post is based on the Randy Ingermanson workshop I attended at the ACFW conference last fall where he delved into an explanation of his blog post, 'Those Pesky MRU's'.

MRU's stand for Motivation - Reaction Units and it's all about how every thing we do has a reaction. However, every reaction has 3 distinct parts and they all happen in sequence. When you're writing, you need to relay the sequence in the correct order or you'll lose points with the reader on the believability scale.

So, if you have time, head over to and join our discussion on Randy's MRU's.

Read more on Randy's blog at:

Randy also has a free Advanced Fiction Writing e-zine which you can sign up for on his blog.

My questions for today are:
Do you write action scenes? Have you ever thought about the exact sequence of events involved? Have you checked Randy's blog prior to this? (It's always on my bloglist.)

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