Monday, March 16, 2009

Two eBook Reader Reviews

I have 2 applications downloaded onto my iPod Touch for reading eBooks. This is not a technical review - just my findings so far:

Stanza – This was the first ereader I downloaded. Once I figured out I needed to add a Stanza application to my desktop, it was easy to transfer eBooks to my Touch using WiFi which we have in our house.
- The text can be adjusted to your comfort level regarding size, font and line spacing. It was very bright when I brought it to bed and read in a dark room, but it was better than putting on a bigger light and waking hubby.
- I also didn’t realize until today that instead of having a bright white background, I could have changed it to black and changed the text color to white. That takes away the brightness. However, I found the letters give off a slight blur although I’m not sure why.
- To counteract this, I changed the background to dark green and the text to grey. I can now read it in daylight or in the night without it ‘glaring at me’.
- However, if I do want to switch from dark to light background during the day, I just have to go into the settings and tap the ‘reversal’ button.
- Paging is done by a slight tap to the left
- You can also use the ‘squeeze’ feature to change text size whereby you use your thumb and index finger to squeeze or pinch the screen and the text adjusts to your movement.
- text can be read in either the vertical or horizontal position
- cost of the Stanza appl’n at this time: FREE

eReader – I downloaded this appl’n because I needed it to take advantage of the 16 free eBooks eHarlequin is giving away here:

- the eReader doesn’t’ use your desktop at all.
- once the eReader is downloaded onto your Touch, simply tap ‘All Books’ and then the plus sign on the bottom right. This brings up a menu of 4 places to get books. Of these, 3 are on-line stores and the 4th simply says ‘Another Site’. To get my eHarlequin eBooks, I just tapped ‘Another Site’ and then added the eharl website address. When you get there, just click on this red ball in the upper left corner.
- A couple clicks later, I started my free downloads. (If you’re not an eharl member, you may need to register first but it’s free and they don’t hound you later on.)
- I was pleasantly surprised to find the eReader has a menu at the bottom of the screen which alleviates having to go to settings to reverse colors. One tap and it goes from day to night reading.
- the scroll feature really impressed me. Instead of having to tap or flick the screen to go to the next page, the eReader has this little motion thing going on so that just one tap on the bottom menu (the arrow with the curve at the end) will start the text scrolling up... by itself. There may be a way to increase or decrease the speed of the scrolling but I haven’t found it. It actually scrolls up at a comfortable pace for me and like everything with the Touch, a soft tap stops the motion.
- unlike the Stanza, you can’t ‘squeeze’ the screen to adjust the font size on the eReader. You have to go into Tools and pick your size.
- text can be read in either the vertical or horizontal position
- cost of the eReader appl’n at this time: FREE

So there you have it. Two really good eBook readers with just slight variations between them. I can’t really pick one that I like better at this time because I haven’t given the 2nd one a good workout – or would that be – readout, yet.

Did you benefit from this review? Have I convinced you to take advantage of eHarlequin's free full-size eBooks? Or are you sticking to your print books?


  1. i don't have a Touch (i'm a tad technologically behind), but i think your review would be helpful should i consider to buy something to eBook read.

    right now, i just download to my laptop. i like eBooks because they don't clutter up the room in which i've already too many books. *sigh*

    still like the occasional "real" book though. i save those for my favorite reads/authors.

  2. Hey Deb, thanks for checking the review. I started with eBooks by reading the On-line reads over at eharl. I liked them but didn't like trying to get comfy doing it.

    Comfort is the main reason I like my Touch. I can snuggle on the sofa or under the covers in bed and other places a laptop won't work. :)

    I totally agree on eBooks making clutter.

    Good for the environment too because they save trees. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I'm on there. *ahem* Proud to be too.

    Where ya been, Anita Mae? A girl begins to feel a little out-cast after a couple of weeks.

  4. Hey Kel, I'm working on my Genesis entries and critting my 3 crit partners entries.

    Plus, with me being member of the month over at eharl, I'm trying to be a good ambassador and encourage those mbrs that need it.

    I put a To Do List up on my blog so y'all can see how I'm doing. Obviously, I have to work harder...

    Just think of me in my cave. 8)

  5. Hey Kel, I forgot it in this blog but I added it to the comments of my ehar blog that you were the one who told me to go get Stanza in the first place.

    So, thank you, for introducing me to this wonderful world of reading.

    And in case you're wondering, I'm on Chap 11. Yes, it's slow going I know, but I don't read my Touch during meals or bathroom or other times like I do a print book because I'm worried about the special touch screen. :(

  6. You're welcome! Glad to convert someone to the occassional ebook. Obviously HQ does ebooks too. But I figure you know that already.

    Chapter 11. I just figured I hadn't heard because you thought it sucked and was afraid to tell me. And that's okay if you do think so. I'll disagree. ;)

    Well, busy lady. Don't forget to relax occassionally.

  7. I'll be gone all week with little or no access. Write you when I get back.


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