Monday, March 9, 2009

Where Did Feb Go?

I know I did some writing in Feb, but it was mixed in with all this fun stuff:

I won 2 free books! It’s been a couple months since I won anything so this was a thrill:

1 – I won a copy of Perfect Target after leaving a comment on new Love Inspired Suspense author Stephanie Newton’s blog at Since I already had the book in question (and my teen daughter is raving about it), Steph graciously decided to send me a free copy of her next release, Moving Target due out this summer.

2 – I rec’d an email from Becky Germany over at Barbour Books saying I’d won a copy of Desert Roses with the new cover designed Heartsong Presents repack collections. Apparently, I’d missed the announcement about me winning in all the Dec/Christmas stuff which included my 30th anniversary. I really appreciate Becky hanging onto the book for me and finally tracking me down to claim it. Look for the gorgeous new design here:

I read and reviewed 9 books in Feb – not as many as usual, but then it was a short month, too. If you notice that my books are kind of ‘racy’ these days, it’s because I’m involved with some challenges to work on my ‘to be read’ pile. Over at eharlequin where every book I read and review is a book for literacy, they’re having a huge celebration for Harlequin’s 60th year in business. Each month they’re spotlighting a different line. In Jan it was Desire so I had a few of those, and in Feb the spotlight was on Harlequin Romance and Kimani.

In March, the spotlight is on Blaze books which I don’t normally read unless I’m given them as a gift or to review. I have to admit, though, I do have 2 from Sam Hunter in my ‘To be read’ pile so there’ll be some ‘hot’ covers on this blog this month.

Writing-wise, I did a bit more writing on Translucent Trust and more plotting. I wanted to finish it by the end of March but I’m going to have to set it aside for now. I think I’ll leave the word meter up as a reminder to myself.

I’m setting Translucent Trust aside so I can put 3 entries in the big American Christian Fiction Writer’s Genesis Contest which is due at the end of this month. This is the biggie and it needs lots of my time to get it right.

I've also spent a lot of time working on my new group blog, Prairie Chicks Write Romance at where I blog on Thursdays. We started on Jan 1st and now we're hosting guests every Sat, too. It taks time to contact potential guest bloggers, work out the details concerning dates and topics, and then get their posts on-line with the proper pics.

Plus, I'm still transcribing the Pastor's messages and posting them on my church blog at

Just thinking about all these things I did and am going to do is making me tired so I'll sign off for now.

So, what have you got planned for March?


  1. Gosh, making me tired too. No wonder you're quiet out there.

  2. Hey Anita, I read Steph's book too. I downloaded it as soon as it became available (we don't get Steeple Hill over in England) -- it was a fantastic read. Well worth the 4 1/2 stars the Romantic Times gave it.

    Congrats on being March's member of the month :-)

  3. Hey Joanne, the kids and I had a game going as to where you were located. In your 'Google Earth' post you had mentioned Hunter Valley and the teen knew of a Hunter Valley in Australia so that's what we'd guessed.

    That and the fact it seemed you have a lot of Aussie authors on your blog list.

    Teen is reading Perfect Target now and it must be good because she squees ever time she has to put it

    Thanks for coming over for a visit, Joanne.

  4. Hi, I'm writing about Hunter Valley, Australia -- your kids are right about that. I am English though. I just like 'going' to other places.

    I am writing a Romance targetted ms just now but next one is a LIH. I am totally addicted and have soooo many ideas. I wonder if you know anyone who could critique for me (obviously I would do theirs too). Finding a good CP is like swimming a particularly murky sea!! If you have any ideas cleary.joanne @

    Cheers :-)


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