Monday, April 6, 2009

My Writing Cave

March was cave month.

A writing cave, that is. Of the 3 tasks I’d set for myself, I managed to accomplish 2 of them:

- I entered both Charley’s Saint and An Outlaw for the Lady in the Genesis contest. This is the biggie of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) with the award being presented at the ACFW conference in Sept. I went to the one last year in Minneapolis and am looking forward to the one this year in Denver.

- I also entered Charley’s Saint and Outlaw in the Touched by Love contest hosted by the Faith, Hope and Love (FHL) chapter of the Romance Writers of America (RWA). This award will be given out at the RWA’s conference in Washington DC in July. I haven’t attended this conference yet, but will go if I final. Oh, wouldn’t that be something, eh.

I wanted to write and submit my story, The Christmas Ball to The Wild Rose Press for their historical Christmas anthology but, it was a case of working on what I have that needs work instead of starting something new. So, after doing the preliminary research and realizing I didn't have the time to research the required setting and era, I set it aside for a later date. Actually, I'd like to set this one in the Old West but that wasn't an option in this case.

Because of the emphasis on writing/revising and helping my critique partners with their work(Carol, I'll get to you), I didn’t read very much. I usually read 10-12 books a month but this last month I managed to read 3 books. And I haven’t even written the reviews for any of them yet. I really missed my reading.

I managed to read some blogs during the periods the family was home and I wasn’t able to write and in doing so, I won a free book from Silhouette Special Edition author Christine Rimmer who had a blog post going on over at the eharlequin site about memorable characters.

The weather cooperated and I managed to make it up to Saskatoon for the monthly meeting of the Sask Rom Writers. It might take the full day to drive the 4.5 hrs up, attend the mtg, and drive back, but I very much enjoy spending the day just thinking about writing.

And you all missed my April Fool’s Day post. Well, I did get one comment back, so at least one person ‘got’ it and had a good laugh, but I don’t know about the rest of you.

My reign as Member of the Month is over at eharlequin but the title will remain on my eharl signature block. I still can’t believe they picked me.

Now that I am out of the cave, hubby is reminding me of the taxes which I promised to do if he let me have March for writing. He even did the dishes for me during that last hectic week. Now there’s a romance hero.

So, it's April and the snow is melting here on the farm. I actually saw my first robin a couple days ago. Yay! And the Canada geese are honking their way north.

Writing wise, I have a challenge going on with Kelly Marstad to encourage each other while doing revisions to our wips. My project is to complete a submission-ready copy of When You Least Expect, just in case the final judge from the Linda Howard contest wants to see it. :) It's sitting with the final judge as I write this and the results should be announced around Apr 25th. Oh, the waiting.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do in March? Or did you switch directions and do something else that needed doing? Do you have special plans for April?


  1. wow Lady, you got a lot done in March!
    I didn't really set any goals for the month because I'd been really tired and had mush for brains. Apparently for good reason... monday the doc confirmed I'm pregnant. I hope the mush for brains won't last long.

    If you do final for the RWA conference, make sure to let me know. D.C. is about a three hour drive - really close to maybe have a lunch date or something.

    congrats on a busy month. yay for hubby doing dishes too! what a MAN.


  2. Squee!!! Deb, that's wonderful. Major congrats.

    Imagine - a baby scuba diver. Ah, what an image, eh.

    Yes, if I make it all the way to DC, I will certainly leave time to meet you. Wouldn't that be something. :)

    btw - the mush for brains part -sometimes I thing is a forever thing. sigh
    Thank you so much for visiting today. Your little bundle's put a humongous grin on my face.

  3. glad to be able to brighten your day. and yes... there's been discussion of creating a onesie (sp?) that looks like a little wetsuit for the wee one when the time comes.

    we're excited... and more than a bit nervous.


  4. All I'm doing today is writing. I have another 55k max to do on Nowhere to Run. How are you doing?

    Your cave, my dear is fascinating. I would love to ogle it for a while just to get a sense of you.

  5. Deb, I made a bunch of onesie's for my last baby and they're fairly easy to sew. They were short sleeve, no leg ones. I used a regular stretch terry cloth. Your challenge would be to find the right looking fabric to simulate the rubber suit. I'll keep my eyes open.

    It's good that you're nervous - it shows you will be careful and do what is best for the baby throughout your pregnancy because you know how fragile life is. Me too. I have 4 of them and they were all born early. Never carried one of them into the 9th month. So if you need reassurance or have questions, pop me an email, okay?

  6. Hey Kel, my cave is messy! And I purposely didn't show the one foot of ref books on top of the armoire. :) But, thank you for saying it's fascinating. I'm supposed to be doing the taxes today and once that's done, the pile of papers in the upper right cubby should be nearly empty. I hope.

    Oh yeah, and the dishes are waiting...
    I should be able to write tonight but, not today. I have to pay bills, crit 2 chapters, write/post the pastor's msg from Sun, and get to the taxes. Will check blogs while I eat lunch.


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